“I’ll totally wear that again!”

Do you have a closet full of clothes? I do, and I’m sure I haven’t touched any of it in a while.

Step 1 – lose my extra baby weight so my clothes in my closet actually fit me! (sigh)

Step 2 – turn all hanger the opposite direction

Step 3 – after you wear and wash something, hang it back up the ‘normal’ way. (notice I’ve already worn that pink cardigan)

Step 4 – in 6 months (or maybe 1 year), get rid of everything that hasn’t been turned around.

Don’t think, just do it!

Side note – why are we so attached to clothes? It’s weird, but I really have a hard time donating stuff. Anybody else with me?

One thought on ““I’ll totally wear that again!”

  1. Great idea. I’ll do that this weekend. I think Tim’s closet it needs it more than mine though. And yes, I have a hard time donating anything too. I don’t buy really expensive designer clothes. I have functional clothes and I wear them until they are at a point that one else is going to want to wear them. At that point I either throw them out or use them for cleaning rags.

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