I failed!

My goal for the year was to complete 365 miles in 365 days.

It seemed like an easy enough goal. I mean, it’s only 1 mile per day! I knew I wouldn’t go out jogging/walking every day, but I assumed everytime I went out I’d do a little over a mile. And all those ‘littles’ would add up!

I’m failing.

And you know what the problem is (here comes the excuses): I need more data on my cell phone plan!

Last month I got text from T Mobile telling me that I had gone over on my plan. I panicked since we’ve all hear the horror story of people getting a $300 cell phone bill. Thankfully, T Mobile gives you a small amount of ‘back up data’, and my usage month was starting over the next day. Whew!

My husband discovered the data hog was my runKeeper app. I guess all that GPS really sucks up your data. So I deleted it immediately.

I was really bummed. That app was cool. It told me how long I was jogging/walking and how fast (or SLOW) I was going. And there was a mini hall of records, so I knew when I was going the fasted or the furthest of all time!

And there goes my record of how many miles I’ve gone. And I haven’t gone jogging since!

Isn’t that pathetic??!


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