Panama City Beach

About a month ago my husband, baby and my parents piled in their SUV and drove 5+ hours up to Panama City.

The key word is UP, because we were driving away from the heat.

I had a backpack full of cute baby outfits for a mini photography session on the beach. I’m too thrifty to get professional portraits taken, so I figured I’d improvise.


And I don’t mean “freezing” like a normal Floridian says. (Oh man, it’s freezing today. Hand me my scarf. I think it’s in the mid 60s.)

By “freezing” I mean it was in the low 40s. Way too cold for a baby to be outside without tons of clothes on. And I don’t have cold weather baby clothes (why should I?), so she stayed in the 2 bedroom condo for 4 days straight. Poor little Bubba.

IMG_0625On the plus side, the condo had a large soaker tub, which perfectly fit her little pool floaty. So every day we fired up the pool, put her in a ridiculous baby swimming suit (because I have 2 of them but no flannel PJs) and we played for about an hour.

We stayed in the Wyndham Panama City beach condo. It was great! It had a full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and even bunkbeds (that we didn’t use). This room could’ve slept up to 8 people. And it was right on the beach. We had an ocean front view. Not some “ocean” view where you have to strain your next to see some water. And the condo was really close to a bunch of bars, restaurants and even Walmart and Target. My husband even walked to Walmart one day. (I know, I know … really sexy vacation when you’re walking to Walmart. But I found some really inexpensive fleece hats and waffle shirts that I wore the crap out of!).

All in all, it was a fun trip to get out of Orlando and just relax and do nothing. But going in early March was a huge bummer, since it was just way too cold for any outdoor activities.

IMG_0660We did go to the hot tub for about 10 minutes just to say we did. Getting in was really painful (it was in the 40s and I’m mostly naked!), but oddly enough, getting out was a piece of cake. I think the blazing hot hot tub (it was overly heated I think), made my body temperate go up so much that I was overheated. Whatever the case, I wasn’t cold!

In conclusion (if you’ve made it this far with my rambling), I highly recommend Panama City for a couples or a family vacation. Just stay away from the classic ‘spring break’ time frame, because I’m assuming prices will skyrocket and you’ll see a lot more then you bargained for.


2 thoughts on “Panama City Beach

  1. We use our hot tub mostly in the winter. Ideal hot tub weather is in the 20’s. When it gets in the 40’s we start to feel too warm in the hot tub.
    You have thin Florida blood – your Illinois Blood is all gone!

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