Happy Facebook Birthday prank!

I’m not sure if I can call this a “prank”, but it sure was fun!

I saw this before on some random website, but I thought I would give it a try with my friend Michelle.  She on Facebook all the time, so I knew it would work.

The thing I saw before was:  A bunch of friends all changed their Facebook profile photo to a hideous photo of this guy, and then they all posted on Facebook so the hideous photo was EVERYWHERE!!

I didn’t want a ugly photo of Michelle everywhere, but I did want her face everywhere.

I made this cheesy thing with my limited photoshop skills (and Britt-ish Designs digital scrapbooking elements).

michelle b-day


According to google, a Facebook profile photo is 180×180 pixels, so I made it those exact specs.

At 9pm the night before her birthday, I started Facebook messaging EVERYBODY I could think of and asked them to change their profile photo for the day.

Most people actually just posted the photo to Facebook and tagged Michelle instead of changing their actual profile photo (which was the original plan). Turns out, that was just as awesome, because the photo did get EVERYWHERE (which was my plan) and all the tags really blew up her news feed.

Success! (here’s a screen shot of her “photos” from Facebook … this isn’t even the half of it!”
Picture 8

Here’s the only problem. I can never really do this ‘prank’ again. 😦


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