4/12 – Only Child Day?

Apparently 4/10/15 was ‘siblings day’. Not sure if this a legit holiday or it was made up by Facebook and Instagram.

And, also according to Facebook, 4/12/15 seems to be ‘only child day’.

My friend pretty much summed up my feeling on Bubba being an only child.  (This makes me cry every time I read it)

I grew up with a sibling. My BFF (who lived across the street) had 2 siblings. Siblings seem cool! They are a built in playmate. They are a secret keeper. They are a teacher.

Bubba’s going to miss all that, and I’m sad for her.

I’m just too old (39) to have more kids. I’d want to have them right now (before I hit 41) and I just don’t think my body (or my ‘downstairs’) can handle being pregnant again.

Also, taking care of 1 year old while pregnant would be nearly impossible, assuming I’ll be dizzy and very sick like the last time. I couldn’t even get out of bed for the first trimester, so running around after a baby (she’d be walking or crawling by then) sounds rough!

Plus – kids are expensive! I mean, just the hospital bills and daycare might kill me. (Bubba is eating for free and wearing hand me down clothes)

So, Bubba is an only child. Obviously many people are only children, and they grow up just fine. I just hope she’s ok.


4 thoughts on “4/12 – Only Child Day?

  1. Bubba will be fine. I mean I turned out ok. And what happened with my parents most likely won’t happen Bubba 🙂 If she’s lucky she will marry someone with nothing but Family like the Wallace clan. See, God made it better. Don’t let me make you sad.

  2. Finn will technically be an only child. His two stepsisters will probably always live 2000 miles away. I would like to hope that with proper parenting he will grow up to be a caring, selfless person. My mom and cousin were only children who also both lived far away from any neighbors with whom to make friends and they both turned out ok. Now, that being said, I’m your age and if it weren’t for the girls and if I didn’t love my small 2 bedroom house so much, I would have another. I would also be more than happy to carry yours!

  3. Bubba will be fine because she has the love of two wonderful parents. Just because someone has siblings doesn’t mean that those relationships exist between them during childhood and even into adulthood. I was never close with my sibling as we were two very different individuals and that still exists today.

  4. Bubba has awesome parents with friends who have or will make friends for Bubba. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. 😀

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