Help me decorate my living room!

The ‘decorator’ in me is fighting internally with my thrifty side.  I need some help!

My house has a front room that I want to turn into a play room/living room.  So I don’t want it to be super childish, but I do want it to be fun!

Plus, I already have a red couch and a orange rug, so I want to match those things.

Here is a horrible photo of the giant window:

My plan is to make some awesome curtains! Since the window is huge, there will be 4 panels. The outside will be this cool fabric I bought from Ikea, and the inside 2 panels will be a solid color.

Here’s the awesome fabric! I think it’s childish but still cool. Plus is has orange to match the rug and kind-of red.

Here’s the dilemma (finally I got to the point!)

Should the middle 2 curtain panels be white or grey?

I think white would make the curtains really pop, so that might look better.

However, I already have grey curtains in another room that I’m willing to take down and use. Then I could return the white curtains and get some money back.

White or grey?



2 thoughts on “Help me decorate my living room!

  1. Congratulations on becoming a mommy! I’ve been following you since right before your wedding. I was looking for a “thrifty” blog in Florida, as I live in Tampa bay. This is my very first comment ever but I’m voting for the grey curtains. I feel like they would blend better. Of course you should consider the wall color…..

    • I’ve love to paint the walls (so cheep – and kind-of fun!), but my husband doesn’t want every room of the house to be some crazy color. Booooooo. I guess I’m lucky he let me paint the kitchen blue.

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