What are your feelings on breast milk?

Does this make you uncomfortable?

That wasn’t a trick question. I’m actually curious.

For some reason breast milk is kind-of awkward for most people.

It’s not like I’m pulling out my boob and pumping in front of everybody (although, I used to pump in an empty conference room that had a frosted window), but I do walk from our office breast pumping room to the breakroom fridge with little bottles of milk every day.

Nobody’s said anything to me, but I do get looks like, “hey Amber … what’s that … oooooo … never mind …”


One thought on “What are your feelings on breast milk?

  1. You may feel awkward about breast feeding in public , pumping and everything else related to breastfeeding but I can tell you by the time you have your second child. The only thing your breast will symbolize is food for your child and nothing more. How and why breast feeding upsets other people will be a puzzle to you. No longer will you understand their side. I find it the whole argument quite stupid really. It’s wonderful that your employer has made a space for pumping. 🙂

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