#selfie Sunday

A snap chat selfie of me working from home (not wearing a bra … ahhhh, the comforts of working from home)


How I saved $60 at Ikea

I’m a sucker for Ikea, and an even bigger sucker for the ‘as is’ section.  I’m actually getting REALLY good at dismantling the furniture.  (once you’ve put it together enough, you remember how their little pieces work.

I found this beauty in the ‘as is’ section.  It was marked down from $120 to $60.  And it’s huge!!!!!


The problem is – it obviously wasn’t going to fit in my tiny Honda Fit like this (it’s seriously like 6′ by 6′).  So I had to drag out out of the cramped ‘as is’ section and take it apart up at the front where the tools are.

The problem – I bought this when I was 7 months pregnant and barely able to lift my hair brush.

THANKFULLY some guy helped me lift it on to this wheel-y cart, I paid for it (struggling), then I sat on the floor and took it apart.  That probably took me about an hour.  Getting up off the floor took another hour.

It’s totally worth it!  It’s currently in my living room getting set up for all of Bubba’s toys!


Hoarders: bottle cap edition

I’ve been saving bottle caps for about 3 years now. As you can see my husband enjoys a beer or 2 (or 300).

I’m trying to think of what to do with them, and I’m coming up empty.

Any ideas?

Note – this is what I’m currently putting bottle caps in. I already have another container FULL!

Maaaaaaa se benyaaaaaaaa!

Adios Flower & Garden festival. Until next year! (or until the Food & Wine Festival, which is pretty much the same thing, but better … 🙂 )

The Gin Blossoms came in March – I love them!

And, I had to reeeeeeally talk my husband into taking this photo. I mean, when else are you going to have a little baby to reenact this scene?!? Thankfully I had a few friends with us to help me convince him.

She loves it!

I’m NOT fat!

Picture 1Well, I am fat still. Darn baby weight.

However, I really need to stop calling myself fat.

It’s not for my sake, I just realized I could be offending some people.

While I may think I’m fat for “me”, other people might think, “well, if she thinks she’s fat, she must think I’m enormous!”

I keep saying it honestly to embarrass myself into snapping out of this post-baby eating funk.  But I guess I don’t want to seem like an enormous jerk … so I’ll cool my jets.  Maybe I’ll cool my jets all the way to the cookies & cream ice cream in the freezer …

Tacky Tourist Tuesday

I’m no fashion expert. Heck, I certainly have my share of “homeless” days, however …

It might be hard to tell … but she appears to have a pink shower poof an her head.


Bubba vs. Rapunzel

Maybe it’s my ‘mom goggles’ talking, but doesn’t Bubba look like baby Rapunzel?

Actually, this isn’t the best photo of her sleeping.  I swear, I take 100 photos of her sleeping, but I can’t find a decent one right now.

Disney really nailed the chubby baby arms for little baby Rapunzel. Both her and Bubba both have tiny wrist fat rolls.

Just humor me and tell me she’s as cute as a cartoon …