DIY – curtains are so (or “sew”) easy to make!

If you have a sewing machine and know what a straight line is, you can make your own curtains.  Seriously, this will take you under an hour.

Basically you’re just making a giant rectangle and hemming the sides.

Fold and iron one side. Trust me, if you take the time to iron everything you won’t have to mess around with pins and it will be 1000x easier.

Fold and iron again to make a nice, neat hem. Sew!

Trust me, all this ironing is well worth your time.

REPEAT on the other side.

Step 2: SEW THE TOP. Let’s make a ‘tube’ for the top so the curtain rod fits inside.
Fold and iron again.

Fold a bigger hem. Make sure your curtain rod will fit in easily. I used my 4 fingers to measure. Sew!

Step 3: HEM THE BOTTOM. I’m assuming you’ve measured your windows before you bought the super cool fabric from Ikea.

Do the same thing as the sides. Fold & iron, fold & iron again to make it neat, then sew!

I suggest doing this last since you can hold up the (almost) finished product in front of the window and see what it will look like.

You’re done!! Easy peasy.

Hang them up, take a horrible photo (blah!) and brag to the world that you made those awesome curtains.


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