Epcot scavenger hunt!

Looking for a fun ‘party’ atmosphere for a bunch of rowdy adults?

Last year for my friend Allie & Eric’s pre-wedding party (boy/girl bachelor party? I don’t know what to call this thing!), I helped create a PHOTO scavenger hunt around Epcot. Selfies are all the rage right?!?  (how old I sound right now?)

Since the Flower & Garden festival was going on, I knew (well, I was assuming – I didn’t actually check any of this out in advance) there would be extra stuff going on.

I made these little booklets using good old Microsoft Power Point.  The front is just some cutesy photo that a more technical friend made, and the back had ‘instructions’.  I know these are all grown adults, but I just like instructions!

It says:
RULES – take a photo of at least 2 people in your group with each item.  The order of the photos is not important.  BE CREATIVE!  If you can rationalize how your photo fits, then it’ll probably work.  Meet back in America (the country in Epcot in the middle) at ________ o’clock and find me, Michelle & Adrienne.

Here are the things we had to find and take a photo of.  After the fact I realized I could’ve added bunch more, because finding all these things only took each team under and hour!  Other things I brainstormed were:  ‘earning my ears’ name tag, happy birthday button, guest wearing a visor.

I didn’t have too many things involve guests at the park.  I didn’t want to be annoying and get us kicked out of Epcot.  Although, I know most people would be willing to play along with a cheesy scavenger hunt (I know I would).  That’s why the only guest thing I had was “guest who is a Florida sports fan”.  I figured this person would be from America and speak English.  Maybe that sounds odd, but Disney is so diverse.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked somebody a question at Epcot and gotten that “I don’t speak English” look.

Here’s the layout for printing purposes.  You’ve got the outside facing normally and the inside upside down.  Then, when you fold it up, it’s a cute little booklet!

Feel free to steal my idea and make it your own. What other photo scavenger hunt things would you add?


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