DIY photo shoot

If you’re read my blog before, you probably know I’m the thriftiest person around.

So when I realized the last time I got any “professional” portraits of Bubba was when she was 3 months old, I started to panic. She’s changed so much!

So on Easter weekend I set up a mish mash photo shoot.

My model and I:

I wish I took a photo of the ghetto set up, but I think the results are pretty awesome!


I took a grey sheet, obviously very wrinkly and hung it down off of my back porch table. I used a bunch of books to hold it in place.

I took off her diaper, put on a silly tutu (hand-me-down tutu) and started snapping away. I figured she would pee in about 5 minutes, so I had limited time.

She’s normally super smiley, but all I got were a bunch of inquisitive faces.


I think I’ll do this a few more times. There’s no crazy props or backgrounds, but it was simple and FREE!

And, the photo shoot ended with her peeing all over the sheet. 🙂



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