How I saved $60 at Ikea

I’m a sucker for Ikea, and an even bigger sucker for the ‘as is’ section.  I’m actually getting REALLY good at dismantling the furniture.  (once you’ve put it together enough, you remember how their little pieces work.

I found this beauty in the ‘as is’ section.  It was marked down from $120 to $60.  And it’s huge!!!!!


The problem is – it obviously wasn’t going to fit in my tiny Honda Fit like this (it’s seriously like 6′ by 6′).  So I had to drag out out of the cramped ‘as is’ section and take it apart up at the front where the tools are.

The problem – I bought this when I was 7 months pregnant and barely able to lift my hair brush.

THANKFULLY some guy helped me lift it on to this wheel-y cart, I paid for it (struggling), then I sat on the floor and took it apart.  That probably took me about an hour.  Getting up off the floor took another hour.

It’s totally worth it!  It’s currently in my living room getting set up for all of Bubba’s toys!



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