Top 3 Tuesday – working from home edition

Top 3 reasons I love working from home:

  1. I just farted.  Nobody’s around to smell it or hear it.
  2. I’m actually pumping (the milk out of my boobs) right now.  Well, I stopped to type up this blog post, but I’ll restart in a moment.
  3. I’m writing this blog post while working from home (I work in a call center, so when there are no calls waiting, I have time to write out blog posts).

21 reasons why I stink

My favorite blogger, Dana Made It, recently posted a list of “50 things I’m bad at“.  The point wasn’t to ‘shame’ herself, but to prove that her life isn’t as perfect as the blog seems.

Everybody always posts all the cute photos on social media.  Look at my perfect makeup.  Look at my perfect kid.  Check out this perfect meal I created.  Isn’t my house spotless?  Look at my perfect vacation.

Obviously that’s 10% of my life.  Well, maybe 25% because I live near Disney, and that’s pretty darn perfect.  But normally I look like a swamp monster, Bubba’s diaper is filthy and we’re swimming in the pool with no diaper.  Our pool is probably 19% baby pee.

So, I present to you:  20 REASONS WHY I STINK

1. I turn off the baby monitor if it’s after 5am. I figure she’ll be ok until I wake up at 7:30am. And if she’s screaming her head off, I’ll hear it without a monitor.

2. I can’t stop eating cookies.

3. I don’t eat vegetables.

4. I never clean my car. Inside or out.  Ever.

5. I’m a total pessimist.

6. I’m not very empathetic to most things.

7. I don’t like tipping.

8. I find more than 1 selfie per week to be very annoying.

9. I’d rather say home then to go somewhere and fight the crowds.

10. It’s very hard for me to spend money on a buffet. I can’t eat that much at one sitting to make it worth my while.

11. I haven’t read a book in about 4 years.

12. I’m a horrible speller.

13. I’m always antsy to put Bubba to sleep so I can get a break from her.

14. I start projects, but struggle to finish them.

15. My toe nails are pretty gross.

16. I’m a little too thrifty at times. I’m sure it gets annoying to my friends.

17. I tend to think I’m right all the time.

18. I have 0 interest in going to Broadway plays. I don’t see the artistry.

19. I refuse to leave a sporting event early.

20. I’d love to work on my small talk abilities. If you’d like awkward pauses, come chat with me!

My husband decided to help me out and add one:

21.  “You smell”  Thanks sweetie.  🙂

Want some free Disney money?

That title sounds like I’m a total scammer doesn’t it?  But this is 100% true.

I’ve been a Disney Visa card holder from day 1. My card even says “charter cardmember“. I’m waaaaaaaay too proud of that.  🙂

There are other credit cards out there with better ‘cash back’ options, but I like my silly Disney card. My ‘free Disney money’ always really comes in handy during Food & Wine festival. And from charging my wedding & birth of Bubba (and immediately paying it off), I’ve almost got enough Disney cash back to make a Disney cruise pretty reasonable!

With that being said, if you’d like to open up a Disney Visa, use the referral information below. I get $50 Disney rewards points, but you get $200!IMG_1299

#selfie Sunday

I think my friends and I were having some sort of ‘selfie back and forth’ on Facebook.

Here I am, proving that I’m standing across the street from a Sea World Orlando roller coaster.  Not sure why I cupped my hand.  It’s hard to see what I’m attempting to highlight.


2016 Disney Marathon – why not?!?

I’m not remotely ready, nor do I really have time to get ready, but I’m all signed up!  I’ve actually completed the Disney marathon 4 times.  The first time was when I was 30.  This will be my last marathon (it’s really hard!) and I’m turning 40 a month before.

Back when I started doing runDisney events (2006?), you just casually signed up.  No big deal.

Now it’s a sport to sign up!  You’ve got to log on to their website exactly at noon on sign up day and be ready!

Here is the message I got when I logged on at noon.  It may seem scary at first, but I was in and out in about 15 minutes.

Picture 1Let the casual training begin!

Shredded Chicken Tacos

Easiest. Meal. Ever!

All you need are 3 ingredients:
chicken (I used 2 chicken breasts since it’s just me and my husband)
jar of salsa
can of beer

I saw this recipe on buzzfeed, so I figured it was legit!

Just toss chicken, salsa and beer in the crockpot. I used a ‘fancy’ salsa I bought at Aldi. Ooooo – Aldi!

And instead of beer, I used a small can of Lime-a-rita

Cook for the classic 4 hours of high or 8 hours on low.

Shred using 2 forks, add to a taco shell (or nachos or whatever!) and enjoy!


DIY – baby toy (using scraps!)

A friend is having a baby soon, and she had 2 baby showers (I was invited to both). So, for the 2nd baby shower, I whipped up this cute little baby toy using stuff I already had laying around the house.


Admit it – you have a ribbon stash too!

Step 1: Cut out 2 squares (no clue what size – maybe 5″ by 5″) and a bunch of 2″-ish ribbon strips.

Step 2: Since I know the baby’s name, I cut out a Z and sewed it on. Not sure if using that zig zag stitch was the best idea.

Step 3: Pin the ribbons as little loops facing DOWN on the inside of the fabric. We’re going to make a fabric sandwich, then turn it right side out.


Step 4: Sew all the way around, but don’t forget to leave a small opening to turn it right side out!

Step 5: Stuff it with fiberfill, add more ribbons to the small opening (if you want to), then sew that closed.

I got lazy because I didn’t want to hand stitch, and just sewed all the way around the outside again with a top stitch.