I’ve got a case of the Mondays!

Let me whine and complain for a moment.

Mondays are terrible!

Not for the normal reason that you probably think it’s terrible.  I actually have Tuesday & Wednesday off, so Monday is actually my Friday (if you followed that …)

But I don’t work from home on Mondays … YET!  Hopefully in a month or so I’ll be given the freedom to work from home full time.

Alas, for now I have to drive my butt into work on Mondays.

But it’s not that simple.  I also have to get dressed.  I have to take a shower.  I have to look presentable.  And I have to do all this while Bubba is NOT napping (she’s not the world’s greatest napper).

Thankfully, she’s pretty patient.  She’ll sit in her stroller as I take a shower (we go for a walk, and I just wheel her into the bathroom and she sits there), and she sits in her Bumbo chair on the counter while I brush my teeth and put on makeup.

But it’s still stressful keeping an eye on her.

Plus, I have to get started a full hour and a half before I start work!  That’s so much time that I don’t have to spend when I work from home!

How do working mother’s do it?!?  I’m such a wimp.


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