Help me decorate my dining room!

You were all super helpful with helping me decorate my living room (grey curtains won!), so here’s your next decorating challenge.

My dining room. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Side note – why do I even have a dining room? I can’t remember that last time I sat at a table to eat. Alas, we got a dining room table and 6 chairs from my husband’s late mother’s house, so since we have the furniture I feel like it should be a room. Plus, when Bubba gets older, I would really like to have ‘family meals’ together.

Ok – so here’s the super lame room. This room USED to have grey curtains, but you guys convinced me to take them down and use them in my living room.

Option 1: The furniture is light wood, so I found this in my fabric stash for curtains:

I bought it in Hawaii! I reeeeeeeeeeally want to use it.

The problem is, I only bought 1 yard. It’s not really wide enough for a curtain (a curtain should be a little loose, and this would just be tight fabric over a window). Since I bought it in Hawaii I obviously can’t get anymore.

Option 2: I also found this in my fabric stash (no comments about why I have a stash of fabric …)

It’s crazy and it has orange. I love orange.

I have 2 yards of this, so it’s plenty. Plus I went to Joann the other day and bought that super light blue to go with it.

So (thanks for reading this far!) I’m torn between Hawaiian fabric that doesn’t fit (but I could buy more fabric to help it fit, but … I’m just not sure it would look good) or the cool fabric that I have the most of.

Also, I’d like to decorate the walls with a bunch of Hawaiian art that I have. (Heather Brown – check her out!) So that’s a vote for the Hawaiian fabric.

But, I kind-of like the orange-ness. ย I’ve got 3 floating shelves that I could paint orange and hang them on the lame beige walls.

Ok – I’ve talked myself into the crazy navy/orange fabric! ย Go Chicago Bears! ๐Ÿ™‚

One thought on “Help me decorate my dining room!

  1. I love that Hawaiian fabric! It should really brighten up the room. I can’t wait to see what you do. You won’t regret having a dining room either. My last post is about family dinners.

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