DIY – baby toy (using scraps!)

A friend is having a baby soon, and she had 2 baby showers (I was invited to both). So, for the 2nd baby shower, I whipped up this cute little baby toy using stuff I already had laying around the house.


Admit it – you have a ribbon stash too!

Step 1: Cut out 2 squares (no clue what size – maybe 5″ by 5″) and a bunch of 2″-ish ribbon strips.

Step 2: Since I know the baby’s name, I cut out a Z and sewed it on. Not sure if using that zig zag stitch was the best idea.

Step 3: Pin the ribbons as little loops facing DOWN on the inside of the fabric. We’re going to make a fabric sandwich, then turn it right side out.


Step 4: Sew all the way around, but don’t forget to leave a small opening to turn it right side out!

Step 5: Stuff it with fiberfill, add more ribbons to the small opening (if you want to), then sew that closed.

I got lazy because I didn’t want to hand stitch, and just sewed all the way around the outside again with a top stitch.



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