The nursery is done!

Bubba is 7 months old.  I finally finished up decorating her room a week ago.

The delayer was the giant rag rug.  It was my glorious idea to make a huge and colorful rug.  Since I’m too cheep and lazy to decorate her room with specific colors, I figured a crazy rug would tie the entire room together in a big pile of crazy.

I started making the rug in, I think, September ’14. So, basically making the rug and making a BABY took the same amount of time. Kind-of pathetic. Actually, I just got lazy. Thankfully, my mom finished up the last 10% of the rug, and the last 10% is the most annoying percentage. It’s the ‘filling in the holes’ part.

Started making the rug HERE.

I used a long, skinny hallyway rug grip from Walmart.

Here’s a photo of 1/3 of the rug:

And the finished product. I LOVE IT! Thank goodness I love it, b/c Bubba is stuck with this rug for the rest of her life.


And, I didn’t really want to put up any name letter on the wall. Everybody seems to do that. I wanted to get a bit creative. Then my mom offered to buy some. I figured “why not?” She seemed pretty excited about it.

I believe she bought these at Hobby Lobby. The wiggly letters aren’t something I would’ve picked out, but I ended up really liking them!


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