Ok – that “9 months on, 9 months off” line is a pile of crap.

Well, maybe just for me it is. I’m not trying to lose weight, and it’s not just falling off either.

I really wanted to be one of those people who you said, “wow, you just had a baby?!? I could never tell!”

More like, “how far along are you?” And Bubba is 7 months old. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

So a friend is doing a crazy diet routine. It’s some company that walks you thru everything. You all know I’m way too thrifty for that, but she’s totally motivating myself to get my butt in gear.

Also, I’m going on a Bubba-less cruise in 6 weeks. I can do this!!!!!

I’ve created this dumb chart. This is what I’m allowing myself to eat every day. As you can tell, I’ve got a while to go.

I don’t have the funds of time to go nuts with it. ย “Dinner” means just eating the entree that we’re both eating. ย I’ll just need to watch it. ย “Snack” is what ever I want, in a super small bowl. ย As you can see, I always manage to get that snack in.

It’s day 2 and I’m super hungry. ย Wish me luck that by the end of 6 weeks I’ve stuck with it and maybe I’ll be in a few of my pre-Bubba shorts on a cruise!


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