Bubba @ WDW – Wilderness Lodge

Our family recently went out for lunch at Whispering Canyon, since the Wilderness Lodge.

The Wilderness Lodge is just cool. I mean, how many hotels have their own geyser and 5 story lobby? It truly feels like you’re in the old west … that’s got all the amenities of the 2000s.

Whispering Canyon has this ‘all you can eat’ option. Foolishly, my husband and I both ordered it, so the waiter just brought out a family style platter for us to munch on.

For a ‘once in a life’ meal, it was good, and fun to just pig out. My favorite items were the mashed potatoes (with skin!), the chicken legs were good, and the sausage was amazing! Seriously, I couldn’t get enough sausage.

We both rolled out of there after an hour gorge-fest. Yum!

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