DIY MagicBand wreath

I saw this cool photo online (Facebook #teamrunDisney page I believe), and it looked so cool! Plus, I have a zillion magic bands, so I saved the photo for a rainy day.


I assumed the person took a circular foam wreath form, but when I found this super lame thing at the Dollar Tree, I figured it would make do.  Plus, it was $1!


Since it was only $1, the tinsel came right off.




I dug around the house and found all the magic bands I had.  Of course, I barley had any pink.  🙂  So my next few trips, I’m going to stock up on red, green, pink and now PURPLE!!

It’s not working as well as I thought.  You can see the black plastic between the bands.

It’s still a work in progress.  I’ll figure out something.  I’ve got a trip coming up in July.  Bring on the new purple magic bands!!



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