So last week I was really sick for two random days, so during that time I watched a lot of Tiny House Hunters on HDTV.  A lot!

Tiny House Hunters fascinates me for many reasons, but one couple had a really interesting back story about why they were buying a tiny house.

Earlier in the year they had participate in something called the “purge challenge”.  Similar to everyone’s favorite squat challenge (where you do 800 squats on day 1, and by day 30 you’re doing 8 million squats), you purge a little bit at the beginning of month, you build up your tolerance for purging, and by the end of the month you’re just throwing everything away.

Here are the specifics:
on the 1st of the month you can throw away one thing
on the 2nd of the month you throw away two things
on the 3rd of the month you throw away three things
etc …
on the last day of the month, you’re throwing away 31 things!

Sounds easy enough but by the end of the month your throwing a ton of stuff away.

I think I’m up for the challenge.  I have a lot of stuff that quite frankly is just stuff.  Plus having a baby a year and a half ago, I’ve got tons of baby stuff to get rid of.

So, it’s May 2nd I’m going to start tomorrow!  Let’s get rid of one thing!  Let’s see if I can stick with it.  Lord knows I’ve never been able to stick with that stupid squat challenge.


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