My lame pet peeve – motion sickness

This popped up on my timehop, and it brought up a really lame pet peeve of mine.

I know life isn’t a big contest (or is it?), but I feel the need to compare myself to people sometimes when it comes to motion sickness.

I hear people all the time, “Oh my – I get motion sickness!”, and all I can think is “really?!? Do you?!?” I don’t know why it annoys me so much.


“Is going on a boat instant puke fest? Is half your airplane carryon reserved for your dramamine, ginger chews, sea bands and Hubba Bubba? Did your spouse have to change how he drives so you can stomach a short car trip? Did you throw up for 8 hours after riding Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?”

Like I said, I realize that some people do get motion sickness, and it’s not comfortable. I guess … I don’t know … I just don’t want to hear about your mild motion sickness woahs. You know, that one time you got a mild headache on the rough sea day on your cruise.

“When you get on an airplane is the first thing you do is find the air sickness bag, open it, and keep it handy?”

Sheesh – I sound like a whiney baby.

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