My kid has 8 toys

OK, OK . . . Clearly my kid has more than eight toys.  But she doesn’t know that!

One of my main goals as a parent was not to have my house over run with crap.  Except our dining room which is quite frankly, overrun with crap, the rest of the house is pretty good.

We have a front room and a back room. The front room is mostly kids stuff in the back room is the TV and all that other normal adult boring junk.

Here’s my tip to keeping my house not a toy hellhole:

Once a week I put out eight toys.

That’s it kid, play with these eight things.

And you know what, she does.

Every week I go into those square bins up in that cube thing, and get out eight more toys.

None of it’s new, it’s all toys that she seen and played with before. But you think it was Christmas or something!  She’s pretty quiet and well behaved and mesmerized by the “new stuff”.  Hey, any time she’s playing quietly by herself is ‘me’ time!

So there you go Internet. That’s my mom hack of the day.  More like mom hack of the year, because I really don’t know what I’m doing still.


2 thoughts on “My kid has 8 toys

  1. Awesome idea. It sounds like you are doing a great job mothering Bubba. Did you recover the ottoman in the second photo yourself? It looks great!

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