Super Simple Learning

I wanted to be one of those parents that never turned on the TV in front of their kid.

But let’s face it, I want to watch TV. So my kids favorite TV shows just happened to be Hawaii 5–0 and Monday night RAW (WWE wrestling).

And, terrible parent that I am, I found some pretty sweet YouTube videos that I do let her watch.

The YouTube channel is called super simple learning.

It’s just a bunch of counting and ABC songs and twinkle twinkle little star. And their premise is they’ve made the song is as easy as possible.

For example, instead of “if you’re happy as you know it clap your hands…” they say “if you’re happy happy happy clap your hands…”

Anyways, I cannot recommend this channel enough. She loves the videos, they’re all really easy to watch, and the cute animation and puppetry is adorable.

I also have a crush on the one potatoes, two potatoes, three potatoes four little dudes.

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