Craft room organization

I’ve lived in my house for over two years now, but our spare bedroom is still a disaster zone.

In my defense, we bought the house when I was six months pregnant, so I was just up puke-y, lazy mess.  Now I have a kid who, for some reason, wants a lot of attention.  🙂

But I finally put up some shelves in the closet, and I’m ready to get organized!

I bought these purple plastic bins at the Dollar Tree, and I bought the S hooks at Lowes.  Walmart had packs of S hooks and they were really expensive. Lowes had them way way way cheaper.

Boom – stuff is off the floor!


Day of the Dead Star Wars

How adorable are all these T-shirts!?!

I saw them at Mouse Gear at Epcot a few days ago.

Clearly the storm trooper is the best one, but they are all really really cool.  I think I can actually get my husband to wear matching T-shirts with me if we use these.

Smoothie leftovers 

So, I’ve been really into smoothies lately. Mostly because my flight to Hawaii leaves in two weeks!

Since I just throw stuff into a blender and see what happens, occasionally I make way too much to fit in my Rtic cup.

My solution:

I am way, way, way too cheap to be throwing stuff away.  So I make will smoothie ice cubes!

The next time I make a smoothie I throw two or three he’s in there and it’s some extra stuff!

These little ice cube trays are only one dollar from IKEA.

My diaper bag

I’m kind of a short person. I used to call myself a small person, but these extra 20 pounds are killing me.

So the thought of caring around tons of crap was not appealing at all.

Thankfully, my friend bought me the perfect diaper bag and I had to share.

Here’s A picture of it next to my husband shoe, he has pretty small feat, 8.5.

Its a 31 bag.  (or is that company called 21?)

I have no idea what the style is, but I just love it.

Although it kind of sucks that I can’t just throw in the wash machine.  At least, the tag says to not do that.  

Also, it doesn’t have a zipper or any type of enclosure, but I’m cool with that.

It’s compact, and it holds everything I need. Perfection.

Potty training

Quite frankly, potty training terrifies me.  It sounds like a huge pain in the butt, it sounds like I’ll need a ton of patients, and I’m also assuming I’ll need to clean up pee all over the place.

I’ve been pumping up how awesome it is to use the toilet for the past year now. We’ll see if it works out.

I bought this little plastic toilet at IKEA about a year ago. I think it was only eight dollars.

Unfortunately, she pulled it out of the closet all the time and just sits on it to watch her YouTube videos. So now she probably doesn’t even realize it’s a toilet.

Every time I find little undies 75% off any store I’ve been purchasing them.  I have no idea what size she wears and undies, but these are all size 2.  Most are a little boy undies.

Every time I go to the bathroom, she followed me in there, and I tell her what’s going on.

I’ve also been telling her that she can’t use the toilet until she’s tw i’ve also been telling her that she can’t use the toilet until she’s 2. 

My mom claims that she did that with me, and on my second birthday I just use the toilet and never looked back.

So, that’s my plan. Hyping up the toilet till there’s no tomorrow.  Wish me luck into months when she actually turns 2.

Heather Brown

I discovered Heather Brown’s art while on my honeymoon in 2013.

I’m pretty uncultured when it comes to music, theater, and the arts. But I just love love love her style.

I’m hoping to somehow stock her when I’m in Hawaii next month.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll just buy another print.

Like most artist they have artsy farts he stuff that’s really really expensive. But everything I’ve purchased it’s just a print for $35.

The frames, which I thought looked like driftwood, are from Joann.  They were actually pretty pricey, but if you’re a fan of Joann you know that they have sales all the time, and they constantly have coupons in addition to those sales!

Mahalo Heather Brown for making the world a more colorful place.

Halloween 2016

Since I figure this will be the last Halloween where I can dress up Bubba and whatever she wants, because she doesn’t know any better, we’re going to be this tag team.
Bubba will be little tiny Enzo.  And I’m going to be big Cass. Although I’m not going to wear a little tiny speedo.

I’ve got a few weeks to put it together, so we’ll see what happens.

Note – I don’t understand that meme at all, but it was a pretty good picture of them.