DIY color toy

I can’t take any credit for this DIY project. This was all my crafty mom.

But it seems easy enough:

It’s just a bunch of eggs in a carton!  And, for some reason, 2 random orange golf balls.

I’m guessing she bought these wooden eggs at a craft store, like Michael’s or Joann.

Then, she just painted the eggs, and the inside of the paper egg carton.

Once in a while, I’ll take the eggs out of the carton and just leave them in a pile right by the empty egg carton.  Bubba always puts them away perfectly!

Those wooden eggs are pretty heavy though.  Now that Bubba can throw things more than 2 inches in front of her, I have to keep them away from the TV and other breakable things. She doesn’t throw things very often, but you know kids, they be crazy.


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