Rtic cups rule!

My husband loves finding deals on Amazon. I feel like we could probably retire right now if Amazon didn’t exist.

However, I occasion he does buy something that’s super useful.  Like this cool silver cup.

I think the namebrand version is Yeti.  I believe Walmart has a version as well.  The brand that he bought for me from Amazon is Rtic   (A play on the word “arctic”).

I made a smoothie last night at 7 PM. It was just fruit with a bunch of ice cubes.

This morning at 9 AM the little tiny chunks of shaved ice we’re still chunks of shaved ice.

And now it’s almost 4 PM, and the ice is still chunky.

Now let me preface these findings with the fact that this cup and smoothie has been in the fridge the entire time. However normal ice in the fridge doesn’t last almost 20 hours.

I think the cup was about 15 bucks. Totally worth it.


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