My car decals

For no reason at all, I’ve decided to share my car details:

I bought little Domo here at Epcot about five years ago.  I saved it until I got my new car (2 years ago).  It’s kind of embarrassing because I actually have no idea who don’t know actually is.  I just think he’s really cute.

This next ones also a little embarrassing, I don’t mind when other people have those stick figure families, but I was swore that I would never ever have one.  Then I found this on sale at Disney for a dollar.  I could not resist.  

It’s cracking pretty badly, so I don’t think it will last much longer.

I bought this little beauty on our honeymoon in 2013.  It also looks a little worn, but I’ll be back in Hawaii in a month!  I’m pretty sure I bought it at Walmart in Hawaii. Yes, I’m the weirdo that goes to Walmart on her honeymoon in Hawaii.

I recently saw this on someone’s car at the Magic Kingdom. I googled it and found it on WWE

Like I said, I always swore and I would never have a stick figure on my car… But this might be an exception.  I wish the mom was getting the RKO!


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