My diaper bag

I’m kind of a short person. I used to call myself a small person, but these extra 20 pounds are killing me.

So the thought of caring around tons of crap was not appealing at all.

Thankfully, my friend bought me the perfect diaper bag and I had to share.

Here’s A picture of it next to my husband shoe, he has pretty small feat, 8.5.

Its a 31 bag.  (or is that company called 21?)

I have no idea what the style is, but I just love it.

Although it kind of sucks that I can’t just throw in the wash machine.  At least, the tag says to not do that.  

Also, it doesn’t have a zipper or any type of enclosure, but I’m cool with that.

It’s compact, and it holds everything I need. Perfection.


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