Potty training

Quite frankly, potty training terrifies me.  It sounds like a huge pain in the butt, it sounds like I’ll need a ton of patients, and I’m also assuming I’ll need to clean up pee all over the place.

I’ve been pumping up how awesome it is to use the toilet for the past year now. We’ll see if it works out.

I bought this little plastic toilet at IKEA about a year ago. I think it was only eight dollars.

Unfortunately, she pulled it out of the closet all the time and just sits on it to watch her YouTube videos. So now she probably doesn’t even realize it’s a toilet.

Every time I find little undies 75% off any store I’ve been purchasing them.  I have no idea what size she wears and undies, but these are all size 2.  Most are a little boy undies.

Every time I go to the bathroom, she followed me in there, and I tell her what’s going on.

I’ve also been telling her that she can’t use the toilet until she’s tw i’ve also been telling her that she can’t use the toilet until she’s 2. 

My mom claims that she did that with me, and on my second birthday I just use the toilet and never looked back.

So, that’s my plan. Hyping up the toilet till there’s no tomorrow.  Wish me luck into months when she actually turns 2.



I made 4 Shutterfly photo albums of Bubba’s first year.  A 0 to 3 months album, 3 to 6 months album etc …

I wanted to make more, but I’m really lazy, and these photo books to be kind of expensive.

But now I really wish I made more, because Bubba loves looking at them.

She always takes my hand, pulls me into my bedroom, points at the bookshelf, and says “baby!”  (meaning “I want to look at the baby books”)

How can you say no to that?

Bubba @ Epcot (DVC Member Lounge

It was my first time at the DVC member lounge inside Epcot.

I loved it!

The entrance is kind of hidden, since you have to go inside the figment store to get there. And the figment store is pretty much hidden behind the ride.

Free unlimited soda, air-conditioning, cozy seats, in a really large area for Bubba to run around in.  I hope they’ll make more lounges in different theme parks.

Tarzan is hot!

Before Hurricane Matthew comes tomorrow, Bubba and I went to Animal Kingdom for a few hours today.

I figured it would be really un-crowded. And I was right!

As we turned left from the tree of life right where Camp Minnie Mickey used to be, Tarzan was just hanging out all by himself.  He’s never around!  I think the only time I ever saw him out was at a Mickey’s Not So Scary party about 8 years ago.

I was excited to see him… Bubba, not so much.

Ha ha ha, she so scared of him. It’s hilarious.

This little Tarzan loincloth makes me laugh a little bit, because you know how they just gave Jasmine a whole new costume?  No more bellydancing pans and a little bra top, she’s all covered up now.  Yet Tarzan is pretty much naked.


DIY color toy

I can’t take any credit for this DIY project. This was all my crafty mom.

But it seems easy enough:

It’s just a bunch of eggs in a carton!  And, for some reason, 2 random orange golf balls.

I’m guessing she bought these wooden eggs at a craft store, like Michael’s or Joann.

Then, she just painted the eggs, and the inside of the paper egg carton.

Once in a while, I’ll take the eggs out of the carton and just leave them in a pile right by the empty egg carton.  Bubba always puts them away perfectly!

Those wooden eggs are pretty heavy though.  Now that Bubba can throw things more than 2 inches in front of her, I have to keep them away from the TV and other breakable things. She doesn’t throw things very often, but you know kids, they be crazy.

Proud Mom Moment!*


I’ve been on Facebook now for about 10 years, and since I’m 40 most of my friends from high school have had kids for quite a while now.

People are constantly posting “proud mom moment” and I was secretly mocking them.

But now that Bubba is actually doing cool stuff, I totally get it. My bad.

I mean, my kid can drink out of a cup!  She knows how to use the trashcan!  Look at her swimming!

I must be raising the smartest kid ever*.

* more sarcasm