Day of the Dead Star Wars

How adorable are all these T-shirts!?!

I saw them at Mouse Gear at Epcot a few days ago.

Clearly the storm trooper is the best one, but they are all really really cool.  I think I can actually get my husband to wear matching T-shirts with me if we use these.



If you knew me in real life, you would know that I throw everything away.  Not because I don’t care, but because I feel that an uncluttered home really calms me down.

Yother day I found this piece of paper. 

I’ve been holding onto it because of the super cute cartoon of Dumbo at the top.

When I flip the paper over, I realized it was from 2007! I’ve been caring around this piece of paper for nine years.

So I finally took a few pictures of cute little Dumbo, and threw it away. Hoarding resolved.

Bubba @ Epcot (DVC Member Lounge

It was my first time at the DVC member lounge inside Epcot.

I loved it!

The entrance is kind of hidden, since you have to go inside the figment store to get there. And the figment store is pretty much hidden behind the ride.

Free unlimited soda, air-conditioning, cozy seats, in a really large area for Bubba to run around in.  I hope they’ll make more lounges in different theme parks.

Tarzan is hot!

Before Hurricane Matthew comes tomorrow, Bubba and I went to Animal Kingdom for a few hours today.

I figured it would be really un-crowded. And I was right!

As we turned left from the tree of life right where Camp Minnie Mickey used to be, Tarzan was just hanging out all by himself.  He’s never around!  I think the only time I ever saw him out was at a Mickey’s Not So Scary party about 8 years ago.

I was excited to see him… Bubba, not so much.

Ha ha ha, she so scared of him. It’s hilarious.

This little Tarzan loincloth makes me laugh a little bit, because you know how they just gave Jasmine a whole new costume?  No more bellydancing pans and a little bra top, she’s all covered up now.  Yet Tarzan is pretty much naked.


DIY MagicBand wreath

I saw this cool photo online (Facebook #teamrunDisney page I believe), and it looked so cool! Plus, I have a zillion magic bands, so I saved the photo for a rainy day.


I assumed the person took a circular foam wreath form, but when I found this super lame thing at the Dollar Tree, I figured it would make do.  Plus, it was $1!


Since it was only $1, the tinsel came right off.




I dug around the house and found all the magic bands I had.  Of course, I barley had any pink.  🙂  So my next few trips, I’m going to stock up on red, green, pink and now PURPLE!!

It’s not working as well as I thought.  You can see the black plastic between the bands.

It’s still a work in progress.  I’ll figure out something.  I’ve got a trip coming up in July.  Bring on the new purple magic bands!!