Craft room organization

I’ve lived in my house for over two years now, but our spare bedroom is still a disaster zone.

In my defense, we bought the house when I was six months pregnant, so I was just up puke-y, lazy mess.  Now I have a kid who, for some reason, wants a lot of attention.  🙂

But I finally put up some shelves in the closet, and I’m ready to get organized!

I bought these purple plastic bins at the Dollar Tree, and I bought the S hooks at Lowes.  Walmart had packs of S hooks and they were really expensive. Lowes had them way way way cheaper.

Boom – stuff is off the floor!


Halloween 2016

Since I figure this will be the last Halloween where I can dress up Bubba and whatever she wants, because she doesn’t know any better, we’re going to be this tag team.
Bubba will be little tiny Enzo.  And I’m going to be big Cass. Although I’m not going to wear a little tiny speedo.

I’ve got a few weeks to put it together, so we’ll see what happens.

Note – I don’t understand that meme at all, but it was a pretty good picture of them.


I made 4 Shutterfly photo albums of Bubba’s first year.  A 0 to 3 months album, 3 to 6 months album etc …

I wanted to make more, but I’m really lazy, and these photo books to be kind of expensive.

But now I really wish I made more, because Bubba loves looking at them.

She always takes my hand, pulls me into my bedroom, points at the bookshelf, and says “baby!”  (meaning “I want to look at the baby books”)

How can you say no to that?

DIY color toy

I can’t take any credit for this DIY project. This was all my crafty mom.

But it seems easy enough:

It’s just a bunch of eggs in a carton!  And, for some reason, 2 random orange golf balls.

I’m guessing she bought these wooden eggs at a craft store, like Michael’s or Joann.

Then, she just painted the eggs, and the inside of the paper egg carton.

Once in a while, I’ll take the eggs out of the carton and just leave them in a pile right by the empty egg carton.  Bubba always puts them away perfectly!

Those wooden eggs are pretty heavy though.  Now that Bubba can throw things more than 2 inches in front of her, I have to keep them away from the TV and other breakable things. She doesn’t throw things very often, but you know kids, they be crazy.

My kid has 8 toys

OK, OK . . . Clearly my kid has more than eight toys.  But she doesn’t know that!

One of my main goals as a parent was not to have my house over run with crap.  Except our dining room which is quite frankly, overrun with crap, the rest of the house is pretty good.

We have a front room and a back room. The front room is mostly kids stuff in the back room is the TV and all that other normal adult boring junk.

Here’s my tip to keeping my house not a toy hellhole:

Once a week I put out eight toys.

That’s it kid, play with these eight things.

And you know what, she does.

Every week I go into those square bins up in that cube thing, and get out eight more toys.

None of it’s new, it’s all toys that she seen and played with before. But you think it was Christmas or something!  She’s pretty quiet and well behaved and mesmerized by the “new stuff”.  Hey, any time she’s playing quietly by herself is ‘me’ time!

So there you go Internet. That’s my mom hack of the day.  More like mom hack of the year, because I really don’t know what I’m doing still.

DIY MagicBand wreath

I saw this cool photo online (Facebook #teamrunDisney page I believe), and it looked so cool! Plus, I have a zillion magic bands, so I saved the photo for a rainy day.


I assumed the person took a circular foam wreath form, but when I found this super lame thing at the Dollar Tree, I figured it would make do.  Plus, it was $1!


Since it was only $1, the tinsel came right off.




I dug around the house and found all the magic bands I had.  Of course, I barley had any pink.  🙂  So my next few trips, I’m going to stock up on red, green, pink and now PURPLE!!

It’s not working as well as I thought.  You can see the black plastic between the bands.

It’s still a work in progress.  I’ll figure out something.  I’ve got a trip coming up in July.  Bring on the new purple magic bands!!


The nursery is done!

Bubba is 7 months old.  I finally finished up decorating her room a week ago.

The delayer was the giant rag rug.  It was my glorious idea to make a huge and colorful rug.  Since I’m too cheep and lazy to decorate her room with specific colors, I figured a crazy rug would tie the entire room together in a big pile of crazy.

I started making the rug in, I think, September ’14. So, basically making the rug and making a BABY took the same amount of time. Kind-of pathetic. Actually, I just got lazy. Thankfully, my mom finished up the last 10% of the rug, and the last 10% is the most annoying percentage. It’s the ‘filling in the holes’ part.

Started making the rug HERE.

I used a long, skinny hallyway rug grip from Walmart.

Here’s a photo of 1/3 of the rug:

And the finished product. I LOVE IT! Thank goodness I love it, b/c Bubba is stuck with this rug for the rest of her life.


And, I didn’t really want to put up any name letter on the wall. Everybody seems to do that. I wanted to get a bit creative. Then my mom offered to buy some. I figured “why not?” She seemed pretty excited about it.

I believe she bought these at Hobby Lobby. The wiggly letters aren’t something I would’ve picked out, but I ended up really liking them!