Famous People Friday – Tommy Kirk

Who: Tommy Kirk

What’s he/she famous for: Famous child actor in pretty much every single Disney movie back in the day! He was the middle kid in Swiss Family Robinson as well as the Shaggy Dog!

Where: D23 expo in California



Famous People Friday – Steve McNair

Who: Steve McNair

What’s he/she famous for: Being the quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. Unfortunatly, he’s also known for being murdered by his fiance back in 2009.

Where: ESPN restaurant at Disney’s Boardwalk

Steve McNair

Famous People Friday – Samantha Brown

Who: Samantha Brown

What’s he/she famous for: She pretty much owns the Travel Channel, right?

Where: Disney’s Aulani resort, back in 2011. It was just opening and she was filming a bunch of web pieces about the new resort.


Famous People Friday – Paige O’Hara

Who: Paige O’Hare

What’s he/she famous for: She’s the voice of Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Where: The first D23 convention (in the late 2000’s). She was there advertising her paintings. But, let’s face it, us Disney geeks just care that she was the voice of Belle!


Famous People Friday – Mike Golic

Who: Mike Golic

What’s he/she famous for: He played quite a few years in the NFL, but he’s probably best known as one of the hosts of Mike & Mike in the morning on ESPN radio and TV

Where: I ran into him at Disney’s Wide World of Sports when the Harlem Globetrotters were playing. (probably back in the late 2000’s)


Famous People Friday – Ridley Pearson

Who: Ridley Pearson

What’s he/she famous for: He wrote all the Kingdom Keepers books (a Disney tween-y book series). He’s also written tons of other stuff, including some cool adult mystery novels.

Where: D23 convention … in … 2008? I can’t remember. It was the first D23 convention ever.