To selfie or not to selfie …

My friend Miranda got a selfie stick for her (December) birthday.

Since I don’t live under a rock, I’ve heard of selfie sticks, but she’s the first person I know who actually has one.

That same day I got out of my rock (I had just had baby Bubba, so I was pretty out of the social loop) and went to Downtown Disney for the Christmas lights display.  There were selfie sticks everywhere!

My gut reaction was “lame!!!”

I’m not a huge selfie fan.  I’ve taken my fare share, but some people I know post a selfie a day (even a selfie a week is too much).  Maybe I’m wrong, but a selfie feels like fishing for a compliment.  So to create a product that encourages selfies

… ridiculous!

Before selfie sticks, we used to ask a complete stranger to take a photo of us.  So why buy a stick?  To promote your own self worth?

Then I thought about it some more.  How many strangers have I asked to take a photo of me in front of some landmark?  Numerous time I get some person who has no clue how to use a camera.  Sometimes they don’t speak English, then it’s just awkward.  So if I w

as in control of taking a photo of myself and my surroundings, that might actually be a good idea.

Hmmmmm …

So while I defiantly don’t need any more photos of just my chubby, post-baby mug, I often want to take a group photo and include everybody.  I often want to take a photo of baby Bubba and I.  I also enjoy taking photos of myself in front of famous landmarks.

The stranger thing works out quite a bit, but if I could have control over the photo and get all artsy with my angles and zooming … I just might be sold!

The internal debate grows stronger within …



Photo-a-day challenge!

Laugh all you want, but taking a photo a day (and posting it on FB) is actually A LOT harder than it sounds.

“But I take tons of photos every year!”  That’s great, but taking one every single day, even if nothing spectacular is happening is actually pretty darn hard.

Once you get into the swing of it, it becomes much easier.  You’ll start looking for “lame-ish” things to take a photo of.  And you’ll start remembering your camera.  And your friends will even say, “hey, did you take a photo today” or “Am I going to make your 365 photo today?!?”

Alas, things happen and you’ll forget.  I forget.  We all forget.

It’s ok, just take a few photos in one day and lie about it!  Here are some things you can lie with:

Your legs!  (hey, your legs were there yesterday, right?)

Your desk at work! (you worked yesterday when you forgot to take a photo, right?)

Your toys!

Random food from your freezer!

Your ugly shoes!

Adios Maelstrom!


The Friday before Maelstrom closed at Epcot I waited in line for over and hour to ride it one more time.


Not sure that ride is worth a 1 hour wait, but I remember riding it with the parents during family trips to Disney in the 80s and 90s, so it felt good to say “goodbye”.

As much as I don’t like the movie Frozen, I don’t mind a Frozen ride. I’m all for new rides with some cool new technology!

(don’t tell anybody I said that …)



Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:   Disney’s Grand Floridian, from the Polynesian Beach

When:   August 2013

Backstory:  Waiting for your O’hana reservation is pure torture, so you might as well walk around to make room for the piles and piles of meat!


Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:   Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

When:   Fall 2013

Backstory:  I’m just a sucker for a great sunset.  Also, Atlantic Dance Hall is amazing?  Have you ever been?  I’m guessing ‘no’, because every time I go there it’s 100% empty.