What to pack in your hospital bag

I was a clueless pregnant woman.  I continue to be a clueless mom, but that’s another blog post.

I read a couple pintrest articles and asked friends on Facebook for advise on what I needed to pack for the hospital.  I had, what I thought was, a quality suitcase packed!

And I never opened it.  Not once.

It’s got some toiletries, boxers, underwear, tank tops, a blanket, magazines, my computer, ipod … and maybe some other stuff.

Here’s all I really needed:

As a struggling new mom who barely knew how to hold a child, much less breast feed, I had my husband run home and get my Bobby pillow.

Also, since I was laying in bed with my hair thrown up in a bun, I needed a gallon of conditioner to get the knots out. Trust me! You probably won’t shower for at least 48 hours, and I was sweating like crazy! (after all the medicine I think). So my hair was a knotted mess!

I never took off my hospital robe to put on regular clothes.

I used the giant hospital mesh undies.

And I just didn’t seem to find the time to read my magazines.  I just napped, watched TV and played with my phone during down time.

And, maybe I’m in the minority, but I only showered once, and I really didn’t care about my appearance.  So no toiletries needed!


Pregnancy weight loss – month 2

IMG_2487Woo! Look at me go!

If you’re new to my blog, you might not realize that I’ve actually completed a few marathons and half marathons. And it wasn’t that long ago … like Feb ’14!

But when I got pregnant and really dizzy and sick, I just stopped working out all together.

Now that I have no more excuses … let’s get back out there!

I’m just casually walking around the neighborhood, nothing fancy. But I’m proud of myself for doing it.

IMG_2495Check out these blazing times! NOT.

Hey, I’m pushing a stroller, so of course I’m going to be slow. Also … I’m just slow!

I’m really enjoying the RunKeeper app I downloaded. I had no clue how far I was going before.

Also, it keeps your stats and a ‘hall of records’. So I know what’s the fastest I’ve done and the most milage. It’s something to strive for … to beat my record!

I go back to the doctor tomorrow, so we’ll see if I’ve lost any weight since last check up. All these Christmas cookies probably aren’t helping. Boooo.

Merry Christmas 2014!

Every year since I was a kid (that was a long time ago!) my mom has written a Christmas Letter with her Christmas cards. When I moved out, I started doing the same. It’s our cheesy family tradition.

I got a little lazy on the Christmas cards this year, and I don’t send out cards to any local friends (postage is expensive!!!), so, with out further ado, the famous Christmas Letter 2014!



Ho ho ho … yawn!

Well, 2014 has been pretty much of a dizzy blur. I even gave up on my “photo-a-day” challenge that I started back in 2010. I’m not happy about that. I’ll pick it back up in 2015!

dopyThe “year of yawn” started off pretty great. In January I completed the first ever Disney Dopey Challenge. If you ran a 5K (Thu morning), 10K (Fri morning), half marathon (Sat morning) and full marathon (Sun morning), you were officially “Dopey!” I’m not sure if I was Dopey for running (well, 80% walking) 48.6 miles or Dopey for paying the insane $500+ registration fee. Regardless, the hardest part of the 4 day challenge was waking up at 3am 4 days in a row to be at the Epcot parking lot for each race. Well, that was the hardest part until the actual marathon on Sunday. Of course, completing 26.2 miles is never a ‘walk in the park’. Although with Disney, you actually are walking in all 4 theme parks … and a lot of boring highways. I finished in a blazing time of about 6.5 hours. That finish time is nothing to brag about, but I finished my 4th marathon, so I’m bragging gosh darn it!

In February I did my first ever “Disney Princess half marathon”. I think I was the only girl out there who wasn’t wearing a tutu or a tiara. That was also the last time I got my period in 2014! Was that too much information for a Christmas letter?!? Well, I’m leading up to that in a moment …

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Nursery Tour

What do you get when you spend $0 on a nursery? A hodge podge of stuff that doesn’t look half bad.

Well, I take that back … I spend about $15 on the purple paint from Wal-mart.

I’m still working on the giant rag rug for her room.  (I’m so ashamed!  It’s taking me forever!)

First up – diaper mountain!  I got quite a few boxes of diapers from my baby shower (thank you!!!) and I bought a bunch more at Target because they were on sale.  I have nowhere to put them (and they are a lot of size 2 and 3, which I probably won’t need for at least 6 months), so diaper mountain will continue to grow!

That black shelving unit was my roommates from our old apartment.  On the shelf are random Vinylmations, some liquor bottles (also a baby shower gift!) and my MVP softball trophy from high school.  Bubba’s got to know that her mom was cool back in the day!

Miss matched furniture!  That brown thing was my husband’s baby chest when he was born.  So naturally we had to use that.  The blue shelf was an Ikea purchase.  Right now there is just a bunch of crap piled on it.  When she’s older and we actually need stuff, I’ll get it organized.

The changing table we actually purchased!  (gasp – we spent money!)

There’s the one purple wall.  And the crib I bought used for $90.  And those snazzy curtains used to be my shower curtain in my old apartment.  They are actually curtains from Ikea that I bought about 5 years ago.

Something new!  Michelle (Bubba’s godmother) bought us this totes adorbs mobile.

Sexy brown chair!  It’s a hand me down from Chris’ uncles.  It’s not a fancy glider chair, but it does rock a little bit.  Free chair = I’ll take it.

That awesome crochet blanket is from a co-worker.  It’s so cute and cuddly!

Looking at these snoozy photos, I need to add some photo frames or something to those blank walls! Pronto!

Pregnancy weight loss – month 1

Original weight: 115

Top pregnancy weight: 175

If you’re doing the math, I packed 60 pounds onto my 5′ frame.

My goal is to get back to 115 by March ’15. Let’s see if I can do it!

Current weight: 147

I need some support!

Well, maybe not yet. I’m not really trying to lose weight. Am I even allowed to exercise yet?

Also, I know I shouldn’t really do any dieting since I’m breast feeding. I’m just trying to not eat like a pig.

We’ll see how this goes …

Post-pregnancy is gross – part 3

Picture this:

Last Wednesday my husband was off work, so I got to sleep in a tad.

I woke up (with out a baby yelling at me) around 8:30am.

I woke up in a POOL of my own sweat. I’m talking, my tank top is soaked like I jumped into a swimming pool.

Side note – I rarely used to sweat. I mean, I’d glisten a little bit after being outside, but dripping droplets of sweat is uncommon for me. For some proof, here’s a photo of me after completing the Disney marathon in January 2014. No sweat marks to be found!

I hit up the bathroom to change my clothes.

I took my saturated tank off.

I felt a drip of water on my arm. A pretty big drip.

My first thought was, “holy crap! Am I sweating so much that my sweat is dripping off of me?!? Gross!!!

Then I looked down at my arm.

My “sweat” was white.

Then I saw another drop falling … falling from my boob.

My boobs are officially leaking.

Weird!  Gross!  How do I stop this?!?

New development – check out this photo of me waking up the following day.  2 awesome boob marks.  #sexy!

Post-pregnancy is gross – part 2

For once, I agree with Oprah!  Remember this clip from like 4 or 5 years ago?

Well, I’ll try to keep this post short and sweet.

You know what phrase, “it’s like pushing a watermelon out of a …”? Well, actually, I clearly DON’T know that phrase, but I think we all get the idea.

Well, it’s actually not like pushing a watermelon out of a tiny hole. The watermelon bursts out and breaks everything in it’s path.


This is what my toilet currently looks like.

It’s full of medicine.

I’ll let you imagine why I need all this medicine … (ouch!). Hint, hint … it’s the cute little watermelon’s fault.

The water squirt bottle is what I use to ‘wipe’ myself with, since using toilet paper is way too rough. Have you ever slowly walked into a cold pool/ocean? You know once you get to crotch level water the cold water is extra freezing and it’s paralyzing? Well, that’s what squirting water on your downstairs is like after peeing.

The tiny aerosol can is foamy stuff to rub on … you know.

The circular tub is witch hazel thin pads to numb … you know.

The the spray can is more numbing stuff for … you know.

Don’t get me started on the 3 separate pills (that aren’t on the toilet) I’m also taking for the pain.

Isn’t being a girl fun?!?