DIY – baby toy (using scraps!)

A friend is having a baby soon, and she had 2 baby showers (I was invited to both). So, for the 2nd baby shower, I whipped up this cute little baby toy using stuff I already had laying around the house.


Admit it – you have a ribbon stash too!

Step 1: Cut out 2 squares (no clue what size – maybe 5″ by 5″) and a bunch of 2″-ish ribbon strips.

Step 2: Since I know the baby’s name, I cut out a Z and sewed it on. Not sure if using that zig zag stitch was the best idea.

Step 3: Pin the ribbons as little loops facing DOWN on the inside of the fabric. We’re going to make a fabric sandwich, then turn it right side out.


Step 4: Sew all the way around, but don’t forget to leave a small opening to turn it right side out!

Step 5: Stuff it with fiberfill, add more ribbons to the small opening (if you want to), then sew that closed.

I got lazy because I didn’t want to hand stitch, and just sewed all the way around the outside again with a top stitch.



Help me decorate my dining room!

You were all super helpful with helping me decorate my living room (grey curtains won!), so here’s your next decorating challenge.

My dining room.  🙂

Side note – why do I even have a dining room? I can’t remember that last time I sat at a table to eat. Alas, we got a dining room table and 6 chairs from my husband’s late mother’s house, so since we have the furniture I feel like it should be a room. Plus, when Bubba gets older, I would really like to have ‘family meals’ together.

Ok – so here’s the super lame room. This room USED to have grey curtains, but you guys convinced me to take them down and use them in my living room.

Option 1: The furniture is light wood, so I found this in my fabric stash for curtains:

I bought it in Hawaii! I reeeeeeeeeeally want to use it.

The problem is, I only bought 1 yard. It’s not really wide enough for a curtain (a curtain should be a little loose, and this would just be tight fabric over a window). Since I bought it in Hawaii I obviously can’t get anymore.

Option 2: I also found this in my fabric stash (no comments about why I have a stash of fabric …)

It’s crazy and it has orange. I love orange.

I have 2 yards of this, so it’s plenty. Plus I went to Joann the other day and bought that super light blue to go with it.

So (thanks for reading this far!) I’m torn between Hawaiian fabric that doesn’t fit (but I could buy more fabric to help it fit, but … I’m just not sure it would look good) or the cool fabric that I have the most of.

Also, I’d like to decorate the walls with a bunch of Hawaiian art that I have. (Heather Brown – check her out!) So that’s a vote for the Hawaiian fabric.

But, I kind-of like the orange-ness.  I’ve got 3 floating shelves that I could paint orange and hang them on the lame beige walls.

Ok – I’ve talked myself into the crazy navy/orange fabric!  Go Chicago Bears! 🙂

DIY – curtains are so (or “sew”) easy to make!

If you have a sewing machine and know what a straight line is, you can make your own curtains.  Seriously, this will take you under an hour.

Basically you’re just making a giant rectangle and hemming the sides.

Fold and iron one side. Trust me, if you take the time to iron everything you won’t have to mess around with pins and it will be 1000x easier.

Fold and iron again to make a nice, neat hem. Sew!

Trust me, all this ironing is well worth your time.

REPEAT on the other side.

Step 2: SEW THE TOP. Let’s make a ‘tube’ for the top so the curtain rod fits inside.
Fold and iron again.

Fold a bigger hem. Make sure your curtain rod will fit in easily. I used my 4 fingers to measure. Sew!

Step 3: HEM THE BOTTOM. I’m assuming you’ve measured your windows before you bought the super cool fabric from Ikea.

Do the same thing as the sides. Fold & iron, fold & iron again to make it neat, then sew!

I suggest doing this last since you can hold up the (almost) finished product in front of the window and see what it will look like.

You’re done!! Easy peasy.

Hang them up, take a horrible photo (blah!) and brag to the world that you made those awesome curtains.

DIY race belt

*diy race beltFor the past couple runDisney events I’ve borrowed my roommates spi-belt (I think that’s what it’s called).

Well, I got married, had a baby, and moved out of the apartment. So no more roommate to borrow stuff from. We’re still friends obviously, but she can’t find her 2nd belt for me to borrow!

Option 1 – go to the runDisney expo and buy one for myself
Option 2 – make one!

If you know me, the only option is always ‘make one!’

WARNING – this was not easy!  I found some directions online, but they really didn’t make any sense.  So I just fumbled my way thru this.  If you give it a try, be patient!  🙂

You’ll need:
*  fabric (I suggest cutting up an old race shirt). All I had lying around the house was an old polo shirt. Not the worlds greatest fabric, but I was too lazy to run to Joann.
*  8″ zipper
*  elastic
*  a clippy thing (I cut this one off of a suitcase!
ALL FREE! (well, I had all this stuff lying around the house)

Step 1:
Cut 2 squares of fabric. One square 8X8″ and the other 6X6″.

Step 2:
Sew the zipper on the 8″ square. My favorite zipper tutorial is from Dana Made It.

Step 3: Take that 6″ square and hem 2 of he sides.

Step 4: Put your elastic thru the 6″ square. Just a tiny tip should be sticking out of one side. Fold one side on to the elastic, then fold the other side over. You’ve made an elastic sandwich!

Step 5: Sew the side where the elastic tip is sticking out.

Step 6: Here’s the tricky part. We need to put these 2 pieces together.

Step 7: I almost want to say, “figure it out on your own!” because this wasn’t easy of obvious.  I turned everything inside out.  I put the elastic piece inside the zipper piece.

Step 8: Then I smooshed it all together! I laid the sides down, then smooshed down the bubble. You’ll see it come together in the next step (I hope!)

Step 9: Ta da! The little flappy 6″ square is connected to the 8″ square.

Step 10: Once you’re 100% sure you’ve done it right (I had to seam rip this apart 2 times before I got it right!), trip the excess.

Step 11: Deal with the other end. Here’s where I was pretty stumped.  I just made a tiny, super ghetto hem.  “Pin and pray!”  That’s always my theory.  You can see how I folded each side to make it look small, but it will expand when you put stuff inside.



Step 12: Ghetto sew on the clips you ripped off some luggage and you’re done! (normally you’d want these pieces to be expandable. However, the elastic I had just slid right out of the clips, so I measured my waist and just sewed. As I lose some baby weight, I can undo it and sew it up again).


DIY maternity skirts

My goal is to not throw money away on maternity clothes and save all my money for the more important things, like things that will keep Bubba alive (like a car seat).

I was also hoping I won’t gain that much weight. (I was wrong!!!)

I thought I could make a bunch of cozy skirts out of giant men’s t-shirts. I think they turned out well!

Step 1 – buy some 2X (then 3X) 4 pack of men’s t-shirts from Walmart. I think each pack was about $16.

Step 2 – buy some elastic for the waist.

Step 3 – I cut off the arms and the neck. I kept the sides already sewn as well as the bottom hem. So basically all I had to do was sew a casing for the elastic!

You can tell I didn’t bother making the casing look nice by folding the fabric over a few times. After I lose all this weight (which will happen immediately right?!?) I’ll never need these skirts again …

Step 4 – after you thread the elastic thru, sew over and over and over to keep it secure.

Step 5 – super cozy skirt!

(this photo was before I realized it was too long for a 5′ person like me, so I shortened it below the pocket. But, damn, pockets are cool!)

Pinterest success – sperm bags!

I found this on pintrest, and it seemed like an easy thing to duplicate.
Picture 1

Step 1 – I made an oval template about 7 or 8″ in diameter and cut out some white felt. (not sure if felt was the way to go, but I already had it at home).

Step 2 – I cut out pink and blue ‘sperm’ tails. Once again, I already had the pink and blue felt, so this project has been 100% free so far!

Step 3 – I pinned everything together. Notice the tail is on the outside because I was going to turn them inside out. HOWEVER since it’s felt the edges won’t fray, so I tucked the ‘tail’ inside when I sewed.

Step 4 – I bought some random beans at Aldi, filled them about 3/4 of the way full and finished sewing.

I actually did 2 layers of stitching around each bag to make them super duper secure.

Turns out grass and sticks really stick to white felt. 😦 😦 😦