Top 3 Tuesday – working from home edition (part 2)

More top 3 reasons I love working from home:

  1. I’m doing squats for my wimpy squat challenge right now.
  2. I cut apples yesterday to make apple crisp in between phone calls (I work in a call center).
  3. I never wear a bra.  Ever!!!!!

Top 3 Tuesday – working from home edition

Top 3 reasons I love working from home:

  1. I just farted.  Nobody’s around to smell it or hear it.
  2. I’m actually pumping (the milk out of my boobs) right now.  Well, I stopped to type up this blog post, but I’ll restart in a moment.
  3. I’m writing this blog post while working from home (I work in a call center, so when there are no calls waiting, I have time to write out blog posts).

Help me decorate my dining room!

You were all super helpful with helping me decorate my living room (grey curtains won!), so here’s your next decorating challenge.

My dining room.  🙂

Side note – why do I even have a dining room? I can’t remember that last time I sat at a table to eat. Alas, we got a dining room table and 6 chairs from my husband’s late mother’s house, so since we have the furniture I feel like it should be a room. Plus, when Bubba gets older, I would really like to have ‘family meals’ together.

Ok – so here’s the super lame room. This room USED to have grey curtains, but you guys convinced me to take them down and use them in my living room.

Option 1: The furniture is light wood, so I found this in my fabric stash for curtains:

I bought it in Hawaii! I reeeeeeeeeeally want to use it.

The problem is, I only bought 1 yard. It’s not really wide enough for a curtain (a curtain should be a little loose, and this would just be tight fabric over a window). Since I bought it in Hawaii I obviously can’t get anymore.

Option 2: I also found this in my fabric stash (no comments about why I have a stash of fabric …)

It’s crazy and it has orange. I love orange.

I have 2 yards of this, so it’s plenty. Plus I went to Joann the other day and bought that super light blue to go with it.

So (thanks for reading this far!) I’m torn between Hawaiian fabric that doesn’t fit (but I could buy more fabric to help it fit, but … I’m just not sure it would look good) or the cool fabric that I have the most of.

Also, I’d like to decorate the walls with a bunch of Hawaiian art that I have. (Heather Brown – check her out!) So that’s a vote for the Hawaiian fabric.

But, I kind-of like the orange-ness.  I’ve got 3 floating shelves that I could paint orange and hang them on the lame beige walls.

Ok – I’ve talked myself into the crazy navy/orange fabric!  Go Chicago Bears! 🙂

Top 3 Tuesday – my favorite things

Since I work from 11:30am-8pm, I’ve got a few wonderful hours in the morning for myself.

#1 – I wake up and play with my phone for about 20 minutes. Kind-of pathetic, I know, but I enjoy keeping in touch with everybody via Facebook and Instragram. And, by the way, I just lay in bed doing this. Ahhhhhhh.

#2 – a quick walk! I’d like to jog a little, but I just can’t seem to get my legs working properly in the morning. At night I’ve got all the energy in the world, but not in the morning.

#3 – a delicious bowl of cereal with strawberries on top and an hour of Quick Pitch on the MLB network.

Top 3 Tuesday: Movies

This ‘Top 3 Tuesday’ is a no brainer.

Here are my top 3 movies (in order).

1. Tommy Boy. Never gets old. I love Chris Farley. I cried when he died.

2. Back to the Future. When I get around to doing a list on my favorite movie soundtracks, this will be #1 for sure. The instrumental music in this movie is amazing. Plus, I was 10 back in 1985, so I wanted to be in this movie so bad!

3. Saw. Perhaps an odd choice, but I can’t get enough. It’s horror, it’s suspenseful, it’s scary, it’s sad, it’s everything! It’s not just a gross movie. It’s got an amazing plot and amazing character development.

Top 3 Tuesday: DMB

I love Dave Matthews Band. I’ve been in love with them ever since I moved to Florida in 2002. I was unpacking and found an unmarked CD. Turns out it was DMB Live from Red Rock 1995. All I cared about was song #4 was Two Step, and I’ve never looked back.

1. Two Step. I love every part of it. Because life is short but sweet for certain.

2. The Stone. This is almost overpassing Two Step as my favorite DMB song.

3. I can’t pick just one more!!! But if I have to, it would have to be Crush. I want to be in the song … Let’s go, drive till, the morning comes. And watch the, sunrise, and fill our souls up. Well drink some, wine til, we get drunk, yes…

Top 3 Tuesday: Reality Shows

I’m not anti-reality shows, but most of them are dumb.

Let me rephrase, most of them are mind-suckingly-awesome, so I try to stay away to protect myself.

However, I do enjoy a good reality show where there is a competition based on skill.

Here are the top 3 reality competition shows I’m loving:

1. Project Runway. I can’t get enough. I enjoy sewing, although I have no idea what I’m ever doing. So this show is amazing to me. Last week Michele was about to get kicked off (which would’ve been a travesty), but Heidi Klum said, “you’re going to get one more chance”. Then the dreaded words nobody wants to ever see came on the screen … “to be continued!”

2. Face-Off. I discovered this show this year. Apparently it’s on season 5 already. It’s all about movie makeup. One part of the show I like is that some people are just not good. So it’s kind-of realistic! Sadly, it just ended, so I have to wait until August for next season.

3. Best Ink. A show about finding the best tattoo artist. These people are so talented, and there’s not too much drama going on. But, they are actually tattooing people. What if something goes horribly, horribly wrong? Does the Oxygen channel pay for laser removal?