Heather Brown

I discovered Heather Brown’s art while on my honeymoon in 2013.

I’m pretty uncultured when it comes to music, theater, and the arts. But I just love love love her style.

I’m hoping to somehow stock her when I’m in Hawaii next month.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll just buy another print.

Like most artist they have artsy farts he stuff that’s really really expensive. But everything I’ve purchased it’s just a print for $35.

The frames, which I thought looked like driftwood, are from Joann.  They were actually pretty pricey, but if you’re a fan of Joann you know that they have sales all the time, and they constantly have coupons in addition to those sales!

Mahalo Heather Brown for making the world a more colorful place.


Halloween 2016

Since I figure this will be the last Halloween where I can dress up Bubba and whatever she wants, because she doesn’t know any better, we’re going to be this tag team.
Bubba will be little tiny Enzo.  And I’m going to be big Cass. Although I’m not going to wear a little tiny speedo.

I’ve got a few weeks to put it together, so we’ll see what happens.

Note – I don’t understand that meme at all, but it was a pretty good picture of them.


If you knew me in real life, you would know that I throw everything away.  Not because I don’t care, but because I feel that an uncluttered home really calms me down.

Yother day I found this piece of paper. 

I’ve been holding onto it because of the super cute cartoon of Dumbo at the top.

When I flip the paper over, I realized it was from 2007! I’ve been caring around this piece of paper for nine years.

So I finally took a few pictures of cute little Dumbo, and threw it away. Hoarding resolved.


I made 4 Shutterfly photo albums of Bubba’s first year.  A 0 to 3 months album, 3 to 6 months album etc …

I wanted to make more, but I’m really lazy, and these photo books to be kind of expensive.

But now I really wish I made more, because Bubba loves looking at them.

She always takes my hand, pulls me into my bedroom, points at the bookshelf, and says “baby!”  (meaning “I want to look at the baby books”)

How can you say no to that?

Bubba @ Epcot (DVC Member Lounge

It was my first time at the DVC member lounge inside Epcot.

I loved it!

The entrance is kind of hidden, since you have to go inside the figment store to get there. And the figment store is pretty much hidden behind the ride.

Free unlimited soda, air-conditioning, cozy seats, in a really large area for Bubba to run around in.  I hope they’ll make more lounges in different theme parks.

My car decals

For no reason at all, I’ve decided to share my car details:

I bought little Domo here at Epcot about five years ago.  I saved it until I got my new car (2 years ago).  It’s kind of embarrassing because I actually have no idea who don’t know actually is.  I just think he’s really cute.

This next ones also a little embarrassing, I don’t mind when other people have those stick figure families, but I was swore that I would never ever have one.  Then I found this on sale at Disney for a dollar.  I could not resist.  

It’s cracking pretty badly, so I don’t think it will last much longer.

I bought this little beauty on our honeymoon in 2013.  It also looks a little worn, but I’ll be back in Hawaii in a month!  I’m pretty sure I bought it at Walmart in Hawaii. Yes, I’m the weirdo that goes to Walmart on her honeymoon in Hawaii.

I recently saw this on someone’s car at the Magic Kingdom. I googled it and found it on WWE shop.com.

Like I said, I always swore and I would never have a stick figure on my car… But this might be an exception.  I wish the mom was getting the RKO!

Rtic cups rule!

My husband loves finding deals on Amazon. I feel like we could probably retire right now if Amazon didn’t exist.

However, I occasion he does buy something that’s super useful.  Like this cool silver cup.

I think the namebrand version is Yeti.  I believe Walmart has a version as well.  The brand that he bought for me from Amazon is Rtic   (A play on the word “arctic”).

I made a smoothie last night at 7 PM. It was just fruit with a bunch of ice cubes.

This morning at 9 AM the little tiny chunks of shaved ice we’re still chunks of shaved ice.

And now it’s almost 4 PM, and the ice is still chunky.

Now let me preface these findings with the fact that this cup and smoothie has been in the fridge the entire time. However normal ice in the fridge doesn’t last almost 20 hours.

I think the cup was about 15 bucks. Totally worth it.