runDisney Princess 5k

I realize I’m about 2 months late on this post, but man, I’ve gotten really lazy!

About 20 of my friends and I ‘ran’ the Princess 5k.  I put ‘ran’ in quotes because it was mostly just messing around inside Epcot.  We stopped at almost every character stop (I think we skipped Mickey outside of America).  As we were in line for Genie we saw the golf cart coming up the way to ‘sweep’ people.  After our photo we just sprinted ahead.  I don’t think they actually sweep people, but rumor has it that they just shorted to course to you finish.

While the 5k was a fun time, it did seem like a really high price tag for just a casual walk around Epcot.


Bubba @ WDW – runDisney expo

Bubba and I braved DAY ONE of the runDisney expo today to pick up our race packets.  Normally I’d avoid day 1, but her kid’s race is tomorrow, so we had to go.

It actually wasn’t as crowded as I expected.  I’ve heard rumors of people going nuts for all the merchandise, but I didn’t see any of that.  However, I didn’t really walk around the vendor section of the expo.  I just grabbed my race shirt and got out of there.

There was tons of cute merchandise in the packet pick up area.  Check out the video for some cute official Star Wars t-shirts.

And I found 1 random runDisney vinylmation box on the floor (unopened).  So, I bought it!

Bubba @ WDW – Styx!

I never realized how much I love Styx until Dennis DeYoung (lead singer) starting coming to the Eat to the Beat concerts at Epcot.

Apparently, Styx broke up, so he can’t use that name anymore, but he still sound amazing!

Bubba @ WDW – more Food & Wine festival

I hope you’re enjoying my short 1 minute ‘Bubba @ WDW’ films as much as I am making them.

This one is just a casual stroll around the World Showcase. Lazy, lazy, Sunday.

Bubba @ WDW – Epcot (Air Supply!)

For the past 2 years Air Supply has been one of the Eat to the Beat concerts at Epcot, and every year I’ve had to miss it. Probably because of work.

Well, this year (I’m working part time now!) I wasn’t going to miss it for the world!

My Dad raised me on Air Supply, and they sounded just as amazing now as they did back in the early 80s!

This video is a bit longer than my ususal ‘Bubba @ WDW’ videos, because I had to get every Air Supply song it’s air time.

Bubba @ WDW – Epcot (Rick Springfield concert)

Who knew Rick Springfield was so popular? We were lucky enough to score a spot right up by the rope in the back.

Rick was pretty cool, he walked around the stadium A LOT.