Famous People Friday – Samantha Brown

Who: Samantha Brown

What’s he/she famous for: She pretty much owns the Travel Channel, right?

Where: Disney’s Aulani resort, back in 2011. It was just opening and she was filming a bunch of web pieces about the new resort.



Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:  Diamond Head, Oahu, HI

When:  August, 2011

Backstory:  Just your basic photo of Diamond Head on Waikiki Beach, but for some reason the colors here really just pop.  The sky is a bright blue and the buildings are glowing with the setting sun light.


Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:  Waikiki Beach, Oahu, HI

When:  August, 2011

Backstory:  Again, I’m a sucker for a sunset.

This was taken at the far right end of Waikiki Beach (the opposite side of Diamond Head).  There are a few piers that some photographers set up base camp to patiently wait for the sun to go down.



Look at the adorb socks in the Target men’s section?

My first thought was, “I wonder if my fiance will wear those hula girl socks for our wedding?!?” I mean, we did kind-of meet in Hawaii.

Then I reminded myself that he’s way too cool for that.

But, damn, they are awesome!  I mean, dinosaurs, bananas, astro blasters?!?  Love!!

Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:  North Shore, Hawaii (Oahu)

When:  August, 2011

Backstory:  During my stay at Disney’s resort in Hawaii (Aulani), I took a day trip to the North Shore.  It was so gorgeous (look at that blue sky!) and so empty.  I think it looks like a postcard.


Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:  Ko Olina, Hawaii (Oahu)

When:  August, 2011

Backstory:  During my stay at Disney’s resort in Hawaii (Aulani), I took a long walk down a winding beach path.  This was the view near the end of the path looking back towards the resort.  It’s so quiet and beautiful.


Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:  Ko Olina (Oahu), HI

When:  August 2011

Backstory:  While talking a long walk near the Disney resort (Aulani) in Hawaii, I found this tree.  It spoke to me.  It’s language is love.  (that was sooooo cheesy!)  But seriously, it’s a pretty cool tree.