I miss you already!

10 pounds ago I wore all these clothes.

That was only 1 year ago.  Before the “new boyfriend weight” came.  I had also just finished the WDW marathon, so that probably helped a little bit too.

So I could be 10 pounds lighter again.  It’s not like I’m trying to wear my high school jeans again or anything.

But you know what, hanging on to old stuff is so blah.  And it kind-of makes me feel like crap.

So I made the decision to toss it!  (well, donate it)

See you later smaller shorts!  Maybe I’ll re-buy you in a few months!  (man, I hope so!)



New job jitters!

Well, the “be productive until the new job starts” is over.

I started yesterday!

That was just orientation, so not a whole lot of learning happened.

I’m naturally kind-of shy, so “first days” aren’t really my strong suit. I think some people think “shy” really means “bitch”, since I don’t talk too much. I’m really not better than you, I just don’t know what to say!

Thankfully we have 2 super talkative girls in class, so those personalities always bring out the talkative girly girl in me.

I’m super DUPER excited to dive into actual hands-on training, just to prove how much ass I can kick. Maybe that makes me a bitch. I hope not.

Wish me luck!

Oh – another crazy note about my first day. I SET MY ALARM WRONG!!!

I’m my defense I haven’t had to set an alarm in over a month. I got the AM and PM wrong. By some sort of miracle I woke up and looked at my phone at 7:40am (I had set my alarm for 7:30am). That left no time for a bowl of cereal, but plenty of time (20 minutes) to shower and get read. Heck yeah, I can get fully ready in 20 minutes. I’m awesome. 🙂

New Dress a Day wannabe – Aloha Hawaii!

I love, love, LOVE the pattern on this skirt. Seriously, I love it.  And it actually fit me perfectly (that’s rare … things rarely fit me).  The problem was the ridiculous ruffle at the bottom.

Here’s a much better photo of the huge ruffle. Not exactly flattering.

Step 1: Seem rip off that ruffle!

Step 2: I bought some thick black bias tape from Walmart for the bottom.  If I would’ve folded it under and hemmed, it would’ve turned into a mini skirt.

Step 3: Pin, pin, pin!

Ta da! I love it! It fits and it’s super cute. I just love anything Hawaii, so I’ll be wearing the heck out of this skirt.

Mahalo for reading!

New Dress a Day wannabe – librarian sweater

I got a call from my new job.  I actually start next Tuesday instead of Monday because of President’s Day!  It’s kind-of cool that this new company recognizes even ‘minor’ holidays.  Yipee!

This was a quick refashion!

Before – a sweater that reminded me of a librarian.  Hence I’m holding a book for my gorgeous fashion shoot.  (Because of Winn Dixie).  🙂  I’m growling at the puffy sleeves.

Step 1:  Shorten the arms.  I also cut off the maroon cuff.

Step 2:  Stitch the cuff on the shortened arm.  This was a minor pain in the arse since, obviously, the blue arm is larger up top, so the maroon cuff was too small.  So I had to put a few darts in it the blue part.  And it’s a SWEATER, so that was some thick stitching!
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New Dress A Day wannabe – giant waffle shirt

The new job is starting soon, so I need to bust out the “chore” list as fast as possible!

I bought this giant waffle shirt at Wal-mart last summer.  I think it was $3.  I always envisioned it as a dress, but with all this free time on my hands, I suddenly knew what to do!

Step 1:  cut the sleeves off and the neck.

Step 2:  slimmed up the sides a tad.

Step 3:  I took the sleeves, cut them open, and I’m going to use these to cover my enormous (ha ha!) chest.  Turns out, I only needed 1 sleeve, for my entire chest!

Step 4:  I took the other sleeve, cut it in half and made straps.

Step 5:  (the worst step)  Then I started pinning and praying.  Pinning and more praying!  I also played with elastic!

Step 6:  The spot where the chest covering pieces and the straps met wasn’t cute. Thankfully I had the teeniest, tiniest piece of fabric left.  So I tied them up, and done!  I seriously love those little ties!!!


My Color Run t-shirt … the big reveal!

Pre-job I’m getting tons of “chores” accomplished.

And now … the big reveal of how my Color Run t-shirt turned out!

After the vinegar, salt and heat set in the color, I ironed it to set it in even more.

I washed it (it smelled like vinegar – gross!), and …

What the business?!?

It’s the whitest shirt I’ve ever seen!

Top 3 Tuesdays – TV shows I can’t get enough of

Since I’ve been unemployed for a few months, I’ve been watching WAY TOO much TV.  But if I had to narrow it down to just 3 shows, here goes …

1.  Criminal Minds – I’ve been watching this show since day 1.  I’m also loving the reruns on A&E!  This is the only show (or movie) that has actually made my heart stop.  I’m no doctor, so maybe my heart was ok, but 2 specific episodes were so suspenseful, that I felt something in my chest.

Picture 1

2.  Project Runway – It’s less reality drama and more reality talent!  This teams aspect this year is cool (because, let’s face it, in the real world you’re going to work for a corporation (aka – a team)), but I kind-of miss seeing what each designer’s style is.

Picture 2

3.  The Following – that new Kevin Bacon show on Fox.  It’s good stuff!  It’s only 3 episodes old (wait  – 4 episodes, because 1 was on last night.  Thank you Brighthouse cable on demand!).

Picture 3