Notes from the 2016 WDW Marathon

I know what you’re thinking.  Didn’t I read this same post back in 2014?  Yes, yes you did.  I decided to torture myself once again.

Actually, this time it was supposed to be motivation.  I signed up in April 2015 (also convinced 2 friends to sign up with me – Michelle & Brooke).  I thought paying $200 for the WDW marathon would be great motivation to lose some of this Bubba baby weight and whip myself back into shape.

Fast forward to 1/10/16.  I’m still carrying around those 30 lbs, and I’m scared out of my mind of the 26.2 miles ahead.  I’m trying to compare this feeling to something else.  It’s like … I’m scared because I know it’s going to hurt … but I’m excited to try to conquer it at the same time.  But I’m scared again because I’m not sure I can do it.

Here’s the run down of me slowing dying:

Mile 1 – Holy moly, this weather is fantastic.  It’s 5:30am in early January and I’m rocking a tank top and shorts and I’m soooooo comfortable.  Only in Florida.  Love it!

Mile 2 – I’ve officially gone farther than I’ve ever trained this entire year.  Only 24 more miles to go.  #pathetic

Mile 3 – Holy crap … it’s so hot!!!  Or, more specifically, HUMID.  I’m drenched in sweat and the sun isn’t even up yet.

Mile 4 –  I keep passing, then being passed by some guy in a grey tank top.  I say “hi grey tank top” every time I pass him.

Mile 5 – Turns out, grey tank top’s name is Bryan, and he’s from Virginia.  He’s doing the Goofy Challenge and his legs are a bit sore from yesterday.  He’s not a marathon rookie either.

Mile 6 – I lose Michelle and Brooke somewhere in the Magic Kingdom.  I also lose grey tank top.  However, I see a sign with a picture of Kylo Ren (from the new Star Wars) with the words, “SPOILER ALERT – you’re killing this race!”   I can’t stop laughing.


Mile 8 –  I found grey tank top again!  No Michelle or Brooke though.

Mile 9 – I pass a banner that says “15k”.  I have no idea what that means.

Mile 10 – Ahhhhhh … the smelly water treatment plant backstage Walt Disney World.

Mile 11 – It’s a ‘down and back’!!!  Meaning, you run down a road for about a 1/2 mile, turn around and come right back.  Those are the worst, because you can see where you’re going and see where you need to be.

Mile 11.2 – It’s banana time!!!

Mile 12 – We’re finally inside Animal Kingdom.  I’m also getting really dizzy and nauseous.  I’m drinking water and yellow Powerade every mile.  I’m not sure what to do.  I’m scared.

Mile 13 – We’re half done.  I’ve never understood how people could just give up while doing a marathon.  Why not just keep plowing ahead until Disney picks you up because you’re too slow?  But now I understand.  I so totally understand.  I’m in so much pain.  I’m just a walking zombie.  Going home and sitting down would be so great right now.

Mile 14 – Somebody is passing out gummy bears.  Praise the lord.  I also see Kathryn (a friend) cheering, and she yells to me.  It sounds so dumb, but a friendly face in the crowd really lifts up your spirits.

Mile 15 – I’ve been following a larger woman who’s been ‘jogging’ the same speed I’m power walking.  She’s alone like me.  I ask her, “what’s our pace?  Are we doing ok?”  (I’m fully aware we are BEHIND the pace of 16 min/miles)  She tells me this is her first marathon.  I start to cry for some reason.  She’s pushing ahead, so I might as well also.

Mile 16 – I finally stop to pee.  And I find Michelle waiting for me as I got out of the port-a-potty!!!

Mile 17 – It’s finally time for the cold sponges.  Sadly, it’s not as refreshing as I wanted it to me.  I’m bummed and still really hot.

Mile 18 – There are Hershey’s kisses wrappers all over the floor.  Am I too slow that they’ve run out of candy?  Clearly the answer is ‘yes’.

Mile 18.5 – I see, what appears to be, and unwrapped Hershey’s kiss on top of a garbage can.  I consider grabbing it and eating it.  My legs are moving and I can’t make them stop, so I don’t eat the garbage candy.  #garbagecandy

Mile 19 – I stop to pee, again.  I also find Bryan!!!  (grey tank top).  Michelle and I also see Julie E. cheering us on inside the Braves stadium.  Yay fans!

Mile 20 – I stop to pee, again!  I also never run in to grey tank top anymore.  😦

Mile 21 – Peeing again.  This port-a-potty was DISGUSTING!!!  Just imagine the grossest thing in the world, and I sat ON it to pee.  Hey, it was either that or pee my pants.  I don’t know what’s going on with my bladder, but it’s completely out of control.

Mile 22 – We’re almost inside Hollywood Studios.  At this point Michelle is pretty much dragging me along.  I feel like an extra from the Walking Dead.

Mile 23 – I’m peeing again.  This time, at least I’m inside the bathroom by the old American Idol building.  Not a gross port-a-potty.  And, I have to WAIT IN LINE.  Come on Studios guests … let the marathoner cut in front of you.  Grrrrrr.

Mile 23.5 – We’re almost out of Studios.  Once we get to the walkway in a few feet, I know we’re home free.  Even though my pace is atrocious, and I should be picked up by the official pacers for going too slow, we’re almost to the point where they just let you finish.  I’m crying again … and this time it’s on camera.

Picture 3

Mile 24 – Aixa (a co-worker) gives us Twizzlers.  She also sneaks Michelle a Monster energy drink.

Mile 25 – We’re inside Epcot!!!  I turn on my traditional “All I do is win, win, win no matter what!” song and start plowing ahead.

Picture 1

Mile 25.3 – Marcy and Steve (runDisney friends) hand Michelle some wine.  One of Michelle’s other friends hands her some fruity booze.  Basically, Michelle 2-fists the alcohol the next quarter mile.

Mile 25.7 – The ‘balloon ladies’ pass us.  This is my first race I’ve ever even seen them, much less have them pass me.  If you’re unfamiliar with runDisney, there are some ‘unofficial’ women, who hold balloons, who start LAST and they maintain a 16 min/mile.  Basically, if they pass you, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to finish because you’re too slow.  But, we have about .4 miles left, so we’re all good.  I’m still not uber proud of myself to be passed by them.  My pride is hurt just a bit.

Mile 26 – Ahhhhhhhhh!

Mile 26.1 – My tradition is sprint as fast as I can to the finish line.  This time, Michelle and I cross the finish line with a light jog, but HUGE SMILES on our faces.

Picture 2

Mile 26.2 – It’s not the physical pain, but it’s the mental pain.  A marathon is tough, but it’s even more mental.  Quitting would’ve been so much easier, but not for the ego.

Will I do it again?  I’ve got 5 in the books.  I honestly think I’m done.  I keep doing them to prove to myself that I’ve still got some toughness left.  This one may have done me in though … we’ll see.


It’s Princess 1/2 marathon time again!

Well, it’s time of year again.  It’s Princess half marathon weekend.

My least favorite thing in the world is Princesses, but I do enjoy the thrill and challenge of a ½ marathon.  And I do enjoy hanging out with my running friends.  So I’ll be out at Epcot bright and early on Sunday!

(by ‘bright and early’ I mean around 4am – ouch!)

Normally, for runDisney events, I’m trying to finish in a 14+minute per mile pace.  I  keep trying to get my ½ marathon time under 3 hours.  I came close last year with 3 hours and 3 minutes.

However, this year will be 100% different.  Being pregnant was pretty horrible, and I got 0 exercise.  I still have 30+lbs on me, and my muscles just don’t seem to be responding to anything I try.

My new goal – just to finish!  And I’d really, really, REALY like to finish with a 16 minute/mile (not 16 min 50 seconds, but 16 min and a few seconds).  Disney requires everybody to maintain a 16 min/mile pace.  However, I’ve found that they are pretty lax with this requirement sometimes (especially for the Princess ½ marathon).  Also, I’m in corral J (based on my numerous runDisney marathon and ½ marathons I assume), so that gives me about a 10 or 12 minute head start over the official timer.  So I can actually finish with about 17 min/miles and be just fine.

But for my own pride, I want to finish with in the stated rules.

Wish me luck!

Post-pregnancy is gross – part 3

Picture this:

Last Wednesday my husband was off work, so I got to sleep in a tad.

I woke up (with out a baby yelling at me) around 8:30am.

I woke up in a POOL of my own sweat. I’m talking, my tank top is soaked like I jumped into a swimming pool.

Side note – I rarely used to sweat. I mean, I’d glisten a little bit after being outside, but dripping droplets of sweat is uncommon for me. For some proof, here’s a photo of me after completing the Disney marathon in January 2014. No sweat marks to be found!

I hit up the bathroom to change my clothes.

I took my saturated tank off.

I felt a drip of water on my arm. A pretty big drip.

My first thought was, “holy crap! Am I sweating so much that my sweat is dripping off of me?!? Gross!!!

Then I looked down at my arm.

My “sweat” was white.

Then I saw another drop falling … falling from my boob.

My boobs are officially leaking.

Weird!  Gross!  How do I stop this?!?

New development – check out this photo of me waking up the following day.  2 awesome boob marks.  #sexy!

DIY – runDisney event blanket (the finale)

My blanket is done!

Here’s a refresher of how this got started:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I had the entire front side done in part 3, but now I had to make the back.

I got this red chevron fleece on sale at JoAnn’s for $5 for 3 yards! The problem was, I was going to have to cut it in half to fit my blanket.

This means the chevron would look pretty lame at the seam. See what I mean? There was no way I was going to line that up straight!

So I bought some white snuggly fabric and cut out some strips.

I framed the entire thing with white fabric and it was ready to sew front to back!

Since I sewed the back and front pieces together inside out, then left a small opening to turn it right side out, I had an opening. I had the GREAT idea of just sewing a white line all around the outside. This would sew up the ‘pull thru’ opening and make it look more finished.

What a huge pain! But I think it looks good.

DIY – runDisney event blanket (part 3)

Time to start sewing!

Take 2 of your 3″ strips, and pin them on your t-shirt square. The length doesn’t have to be perfect, b/c we can trim it later.


Trim! I used the super amazing 12″ quilting square to trim the 3″ strips.

Take another strip and pin it to the other side. Sew and trim again.  Once again, this strip can overlap, because we’ll just trim it later.

Do it again, and again, and again!

Sew them all together!

Now to get started on row 2, 3, 4 and 5! 🙂

DIY – runDisney event blanket (part 2)

Ok, so you’ve got your supplies all set right?

Time to get started.

Step 1 – cut your t-shirts. This was terrifying. What if I messed up?!? Thankfully, I was ok.

That 12″ quilting square do-hickey was amazing!


Just make sure all your corners were cut before you lift it up.



Next, cut up your front fabrics. I’m cutting strips of 3″. I’ll be pinning these on later.

The rotary cutter is AMAZING!!! I’m so glad I bought it.

DIY – runDisney event blanket (part 1)

After doing a runDisney race here and there for the past 8 years, I have a pile of t-shirts. Instead of wasting space in my closet, I decided to make a quilt type blanket thing!

Try it with me!

I think this entire thing will only cost me about $30, because I bought all my supplies over the course of about 2 months. I just kept waiting for Joann Fabric coupons to come in the mail.

Things you’ll need:
Pile of t-shirts!

Fabric! I bought 2 colors of blue for the front. These are snuggly fabrics from Joanns. And the red fabric was actually some fleece from Joanns.

Cutting materials! These aren’t 100% necessary, but it made the job so much easier. I have a self-healing mat and cutting tool from Joanns. I also bought a 12″ quilting square do-hickey.

Collect your supplies, and we’ll get started!