New Dress A Day wannabe – orange striped skirt

I’ve had this shirt forever trying to think of some way to DIY it. Then the other day I had an idea! Bell skirt!

It’s quite enormous. Anybody recognize this Disney uniform shirt?

Step 1: Remove pocket. I’ll reuse this baby later, b/c who doesn’t love pockets?

Step 2: Lay a skirt that fits me on top of the shirt and start cutting.

Step 3: Sew up sides and hem the top.

Ok – you’re done!

Well, I could be done, but I wanted to add a tad of pizazz!

Step 4: Take the pieces on top and cut 4″ strips. I’m making a belt!


Step 5: Turn belt right side out.

Step 6: I’m attempting belt loops! I’ve never done this before, but I think they worked out. I cut squares and ironed 2 sides in. Then I sewed them in half.

Step 7: I only had scraps enough for 5, so I sewed them on sporadically.

Step 8: Sew the pocket back on and ..


I’m quite pleased with myself. 🙂


New Dress A Day wannabe – purple maxi dress

I bought this t-shirt in a 2 pack from Big Lots for $3. 2 shirts for $3. Awesome! And they were Hanes, so it’s a quality shirt. I loved the color and it’s a 2XL.


Let’s make it into a comfy tube dress!

Step 1 – cut off sleeves and cut a straight line across the top under the neck hole.

Step 2 – cut the sides into a straight diagonal, then sew them back up!

Step 3 – fold the top down twice to make a tube. This is where the elastic will go in for a snug fit over my boobs. (DON’T sew the entire tube. You’ve got to leave a opening for the elastic.)

Step 4 – use your handy dandy paperclip to feed elastic thru the tube.

Step 5 – try it on to see where I should add the waist elastic. I look like I’m wearing a post-shower towel! And it’s a little too darn short for me. 😦

Step 6 – it’s now a MAXI SHIRT! And the most comfortable maxi skirt ever! I really don’t have the body shape to support a maxi dress, but I’ll give it a try.

purple t

I’m on New Dress A Day! (again)


The famous Marisa from the awesome website New Dress A Day e-mailed me this morning telling me that my entry made it onto her blog!

It’s my 2nd time ya’ll! The first time was my Masumi Dress here.

Check out her post about me!  I’m way too excited about this.  Time to start more sewing projects!

Picture 1


New Dress A Day wannabe – awesome tank into a skirt

I bought this tank top a million years ago. I fell in love with the funky pattern and the random way it fits.

Unfortunately, it’s just too long and billowy. If it was short and billowy, maybe it would work, but it just makes me look pregnant or just like a giant circle. Not flattering at all.

I finally got the balls to chop it apart.

Step 1 – cut off the purple top part.

Step 2 – sew a super ghetto (I didn’t even double fold) casing for some waist elastic.

Ta da! Holy crud, that was easy! It’s a tad see thru, so a long tank top to the rescue!

New Dress A Day wannabe – Run Disney gear

My roommate and a friend are in Disneyland right now resting up from the Dumbo Double Dare challenge. The challenge was to complete a 10K on Saturday and a 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

For the 10K they wanted some matching outfits. While I can’t honestly bring myself to dress up for any runs, I’ll participate in sewing some outfits!

They chose Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!

Step 1 – my roommate buys about 2 yards of white felt. We needed about 12″ squares.

Step 2 – we pinned 2 rectangles of felt to the collar.

Step 3 – we turned the shirts inside out and sewed the felt on. This method was WAY EASIER than trying to cut the felt to the collar circle size.

After sewing, we trimmed off the access.

We also turned the rectangles into and ovaly shape, just a freeform cut.

Step 4 – we cut out a template for a bow.  Basically it was just a curvy rectangle.  Then we used a skinny piece of felt to tie it on the middle.


Step 5 – hand stitch the bows on, and ta-da!

Ok, ok … this shirt isn’t really mine. I’m just a lovely model.

Don’t they look great at 4am?!? 🙂

New Dress a Day wannabe – Monsters University

I LOVED Monsters University.  I think I loved it more than the original.  In fact, I know I do.

Step 1 – cheep tank to from Walmart

Step 2 – google OK clip art, cut out and pin to scraps of felt

Step 3 – sew 1 layer of felt on top of 2nd layer


Step 4 – sew on to tank top and look awesome!