2016 Disney Marathon – why not?!?

I’m not remotely ready, nor do I really have time to get ready, but I’m all signed up!  I’ve actually completed the Disney marathon 4 times.  The first time was when I was 30.  This will be my last marathon (it’s really hard!) and I’m turning 40 a month before.

Back when I started doing runDisney events (2006?), you just casually signed up.  No big deal.

Now it’s a sport to sign up!  You’ve got to log on to their website exactly at noon on sign up day and be ready!

Here is the message I got when I logged on at noon.  It may seem scary at first, but I was in and out in about 15 minutes.

Picture 1Let the casual training begin!


I failed!

My goal for the year was to complete 365 miles in 365 days.

It seemed like an easy enough goal. I mean, it’s only 1 mile per day! I knew I wouldn’t go out jogging/walking every day, but I assumed everytime I went out I’d do a little over a mile. And all those ‘littles’ would add up!

I’m failing.

And you know what the problem is (here comes the excuses): I need more data on my cell phone plan!

Last month I got text from T Mobile telling me that I had gone over on my plan. I panicked since we’ve all hear the horror story of people getting a $300 cell phone bill. Thankfully, T Mobile gives you a small amount of ‘back up data’, and my usage month was starting over the next day. Whew!

My husband discovered the data hog was my runKeeper app. I guess all that GPS really sucks up your data. So I deleted it immediately.

I was really bummed. That app was cool. It told me how long I was jogging/walking and how fast (or SLOW) I was going. And there was a mini hall of records, so I knew when I was going the fasted or the furthest of all time!

And there goes my record of how many miles I’ve gone. And I haven’t gone jogging since!

Isn’t that pathetic??!

Notes from the 2015 Princess Half Marathon

Picture 2I knew this would be a rough one. Normally after reach race I’m tired, but think, “ok – let’s do this again!” After the Princess half all I could think about was a nap.

However, I ALMOST achieved my goal of completing it under 16 min/miles (which is the required pace). If I’ve done the math correctly, I was only 15 seconds behind. I admit, around mile 9 I pretty much gave up on going fast and just cruised to the end. Was I too scared to push myself or was I too weak? I’m not super proud, but I am proud that I came pretty close.

Pre-race: It’s not that cold outside! Awesome.

Mile 1: My giant boobs full of breast milk hurt! How do people with big boobs do this?

Mile 2: There’s a hill! I’m gonna jog for 10 seconds. And I lost Brooke, who I was talking with. It’s ipod time! Also, am I doing a 15 min/mile pace with just power walking?!? Sweet!

Mile 3: I see a big dude wearing a red and dalmatian spotted sparkle shirt. He looks ridiculous. But he’s holding hands with a woman (who is struggling). Awwwww. I make the decision to walk until around mile 10. Then I’ll sprinkle in some jogging if I can. I don’t want to get too tired.

Mile 4: I see somebody with a “I’m proud of you complete stranger” note pinned to her back. Awwwww. Side cramp! Sweet Jesus, side cramp! Somebody’s got a sign that says, “admit it, you just peed a little”. How did they know?!? (or is it just the post-pregnancy pee just coming out?)

Mile 5: I see John. I know his name is John because he’s got his dating profile on the back of his Prince Charming shirt. He’s an attorney from Atlanta. This guy is a genius! I hope he scores a few dates. I also see 2 people with “I’m proud of you complete stranger” signs. Awwwwww.

Mile 6: I see Ellen at the Magic Kingdom! I can’t believe I spotted her out of the massive crowd. I’m also impressed she spotted me out of the mass of runners.

Mile 7: I’m really struggling. My back hurts. Somebody in front of me has a running belt that says, “there will be a day I cannot do this. Today is not that day.” Now I’m pumped up. Let’s do this!!!

Mile 8: (I must have mentally passed out, because I never saw the mile 8 marker. I kept thinking, “man, this is the longest mile ever .. where the heck is it?!?” And then I came up to mile 9. Spooky)

Mile 9: Oh no, I hear jingling. I can’t handing any more jingling Jasmine costumes or jingling gypsy costumes. Thankfully I’m going so slow that she passes me right away.

Mile 10: I see a guy dresses as Ariel. He’s wearing green sweatpants. My gosh, he must be soooooo hot! And there is no way in hell I’m doing any jogging. My body is just too weak.

Mile 11: I’ve been keeping pace with a girl dressed as a candy corn Princess. Her tutu has candy corn felt on it, she’s got a candy corn crown, and I think a candy corn necklace. I ask her about the amazing getup and she explained that her sister insisted that she HAD to dress as a Princess. Kudos weirdo, kudos! I also see some dude dressed as Elvis. He’s got the hair and the strut. He’s amazing!

Picture 1Mile 12: Time for “all I do is win, win, win no matter what!” on the ipod. I’m looking around Epcot for a friend with a “no time for Walken” (as in Christopher Walken). I don’t see it. But I did see Ellen inside Epcot! I must admit, it’s actually really amazing to know that somebody is waiting for you. It was really motivating to know what somebody cares.

Mile 13: I manage to ‘sprint’ to the finish line. However, the girls next to me decided to hold hands, skip and flail their arms all around, so I basically had to just duck out of the way.

Whew! Another 1/2 marathon in the books. I can’t wait to shed this 30 lbs and attempt to get under 3 hours. Bring on the Wine & Dine half in November!
Picture 3

It’s Princess 1/2 marathon time again!

Well, it’s time of year again.  It’s Princess half marathon weekend.

My least favorite thing in the world is Princesses, but I do enjoy the thrill and challenge of a ½ marathon.  And I do enjoy hanging out with my running friends.  So I’ll be out at Epcot bright and early on Sunday!

(by ‘bright and early’ I mean around 4am – ouch!)

Normally, for runDisney events, I’m trying to finish in a 14+minute per mile pace.  I  keep trying to get my ½ marathon time under 3 hours.  I came close last year with 3 hours and 3 minutes.

However, this year will be 100% different.  Being pregnant was pretty horrible, and I got 0 exercise.  I still have 30+lbs on me, and my muscles just don’t seem to be responding to anything I try.

My new goal – just to finish!  And I’d really, really, REALY like to finish with a 16 minute/mile (not 16 min 50 seconds, but 16 min and a few seconds).  Disney requires everybody to maintain a 16 min/mile pace.  However, I’ve found that they are pretty lax with this requirement sometimes (especially for the Princess ½ marathon).  Also, I’m in corral J (based on my numerous runDisney marathon and ½ marathons I assume), so that gives me about a 10 or 12 minute head start over the official timer.  So I can actually finish with about 17 min/miles and be just fine.

But for my own pride, I want to finish with in the stated rules.

Wish me luck!

365 in 365!

I’m a member of the #TeamrunDisney group on Facebook (as I’ve completed about 10 runDisney events in the past 10 years), and I saw a couple people posting about a challenge that’s making its way around the internet.

Run 2015 miles in the year 2015!

Do the math … that’s a lot of miles per day.

I don’t have time for that (well, I’m too thrifty to buy a jogging stroller, so I can just walk, and that’s time consuming), so I made up my own challenge.


Walk/run 365 miles in 365 days!

That should be doable!

Wish me luck!

DIY – runDisney event blanket (the finale)

My blanket is done!

Here’s a refresher of how this got started:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I had the entire front side done in part 3, but now I had to make the back.

I got this red chevron fleece on sale at JoAnn’s for $5 for 3 yards! The problem was, I was going to have to cut it in half to fit my blanket.

This means the chevron would look pretty lame at the seam. See what I mean? There was no way I was going to line that up straight!

So I bought some white snuggly fabric and cut out some strips.

I framed the entire thing with white fabric and it was ready to sew front to back!

Since I sewed the back and front pieces together inside out, then left a small opening to turn it right side out, I had an opening. I had the GREAT idea of just sewing a white line all around the outside. This would sew up the ‘pull thru’ opening and make it look more finished.

What a huge pain! But I think it looks good.

Notes from the 2014 Princess Half Marathon

princessYou want to sign up for a ‘girl power’ race with a pretty lax time constraint, a fun course thru Epcot and the Magic Kingdom and A LOT of Disney characters along the way? Then the Princess 1/2 marathon is for you!

Mile 1 – 2 girls next me discuss how their pace is too fast after jogging for about 5 minutes. I mentally giggle and think, “honey, you’ve got a ways to go – slow down!”

Mile 2 – I see the same t-shirt I saw during the full marathon in January. And damn if I can’t remember what it says. Something like, “there will be a time when I can’t run a marathon, but a lifetime of knowing that I did.”

Mile 2.5 – A girl dressed as Jasmine is jingling all over the place. Thankfully she passes me sooner than later.

Mile 3 – The classic religious sign is “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me”, but I saw a new one today that I liked! 2 Corinthians 4:17 – “For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.” Good stuff.

Mile 3.3 – A Hawaiian style band is playing. Like, big giant drums and all. Pretty cool!

Mile 4 – It’s foggy as all hell! It kind-of feels good, like a mist of rain. Or am I just covered in sweat?

Mile 4.5 – Somebody has a sign on the shape of her friend’s giant head. It’s amazing.

Mile 5 – It’s the Magic Kingdom! Once again, I’m that jerk who hops on the sidewalk to get off of crowded Main Street.

Mile 6 – This entire time I’ve been subtracting 14 minutes from the previous clock time, but I start to lose my mind. I’ve messed up my timing! I need to do sub-14 minute miles to make it under 3 hours. I think I just messed up.

Mile 6.5 – Damn! I’ve caught up to jingling Jasmine again!

Mile 7 – As I pass a line of girls waiting to take a photo with a guy in a tux holding a glass running shoe on a pillow (Cinderella style), I’m reminded of the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. “Oh, dressing up as (insert Princess here), REAL original!” (original quote – “oh, wedding in Hawaii, REAL original.”) Don’t mind me, I’m just a jerk.

Mile 7.5 – “Let It Go” from Frozen is blasting. The girl next to me is (and I mean, INCHES from me) suddenly bursts out in song. It takes all my efforts not to kink my elbow back and punch her in the face. Again, don’t mind me, I’m just a jerk.

Mile 8 – There’s Britney Belvin, super fan again. I jokingly ask for chocolate, and she has some! I don’t take any. I immediately regret that decision as I become STARVING later!

Mile 8.5 – Somebody kicks a piece of hard candy and it rolls in front of me. It’s out of the package, so it’s all dirty and hairy. My first response, “mmmmm, that looks good!”

Mile 9 – I see Luna Bar signs everywhere. Later, I see Luna bar employees. Later, I see a Luna Bar tent. Are they giving out Luna Bars?!? No! They are just cheering me on. Damn you Luna Bar, I’m starving!

Mile 10 – Almost done!

Mile 11 – Stupid uphill on ramp.

Mile 12 – I run into Jackie, a FB friend.  She tells me that I’ll finish in under 3 hours, no problem!  (turns out, she lied!)

Mile 12.5 – I’m attempting to put on “all I do is win, win, win no matter what!”, but my ipod randomly shuffles over to the Wall-E soundtrack!  That’s not pumping me up at all.

Mile 13 – Sprinting time!  I see the time ahead says 3 hours and 36 min.  I’m not sure when I actually started, but I think I had to cross at 3 hours and 30 min to meet my time.  Nuts.

Mile 13.1 – Some couple is super sprinting past me.  Kudos to you both!

Mile 13.2 – I could throw up if push came to shove.  And they are giving out cold towels.  BEST THING EVER!

1 hour later – I get my text message with my time.  3 hours and 3 minutes.  Poop.