2016 Disney Marathon – why not?!?

I’m not remotely ready, nor do I really have time to get ready, but I’m all signed up!  I’ve actually completed the Disney marathon 4 times.  The first time was when I was 30.  This will be my last marathon (it’s really hard!) and I’m turning 40 a month before.

Back when I started doing runDisney events (2006?), you just casually signed up.  No big deal.

Now it’s a sport to sign up!  You’ve got to log on to their website exactly at noon on sign up day and be ready!

Here is the message I got when I logged on at noon.  It may seem scary at first, but I was in and out in about 15 minutes.

Picture 1Let the casual training begin!


New Years Resolution – no more soda!

I’ve got a few quality resolutions HERE, but how about 1 more?

I’m tired of being fat. Sure, I’m fat because I had a baby, but that was almost 2 months ago!

While soda is delicious (yes, I call it ‘soda’ as opposed to ‘pop’), there is 0 nutritional value.

So, how about we just stop?  Here I am drinking my last soda ever:

Side note – I already cheated, but just once. And I was sooooooo thirsty! I was out to dinner with friends, my kid was being super cranky, and I was soooooooo thirsty. Since I hadn’t had a chance to get my own dinner yet (we were at a food court), I just scarfed down my friend’s Cherry Coke. So that doesn’t really count, right?!?

365 in 365!

I’m a member of the #TeamrunDisney group on Facebook (as I’ve completed about 10 runDisney events in the past 10 years), and I saw a couple people posting about a challenge that’s making its way around the internet.

Run 2015 miles in the year 2015!

Do the math … that’s a lot of miles per day.

I don’t have time for that (well, I’m too thrifty to buy a jogging stroller, so I can just walk, and that’s time consuming), so I made up my own challenge.


Walk/run 365 miles in 365 days!

That should be doable!

Wish me luck!

Pregnancy weight loss – month 2

Ok, well, this is depressing.

I actually GAINED a pound since my last appointment.

So it looks like the weight that everybody told me would “just melt right off if you breast feed” has already melted off.

Hey, I’m glad that almost 30lbs just melted off.  I guess I have to work hard to get the other 30lbs off.

1/10/15:  148lbs

Goal:  115lbs (what I weighed before I started)

I’d love to be at 115 by the end of March.  Now that I accomplished 0 weight loss in December, that goal seems pretty ridiculous.  I’ll have to reconsider.

Wish me luck!

Pregnancy weight loss – month 2

IMG_2487Woo! Look at me go!

If you’re new to my blog, you might not realize that I’ve actually completed a few marathons and half marathons. And it wasn’t that long ago … like Feb ’14!

But when I got pregnant and really dizzy and sick, I just stopped working out all together.

Now that I have no more excuses … let’s get back out there!

I’m just casually walking around the neighborhood, nothing fancy. But I’m proud of myself for doing it.

IMG_2495Check out these blazing times! NOT.

Hey, I’m pushing a stroller, so of course I’m going to be slow. Also … I’m just slow!

I’m really enjoying the RunKeeper app I downloaded. I had no clue how far I was going before.

Also, it keeps your stats and a ‘hall of records’. So I know what’s the fastest I’ve done and the most milage. It’s something to strive for … to beat my record!

I go back to the doctor tomorrow, so we’ll see if I’ve lost any weight since last check up. All these Christmas cookies probably aren’t helping. Boooo.

New Years Resolutions – 2015 edition!

I had some quality resolutions last year. Basically I’d like to keep those up, and add in a few more.

1. Take a photo a day. I did this in 2010-2013. This year I started, and failed around May. Stupid pregnancy where I just laid in bed all day trying not to puke!  So I’m 100% in for it again.  I love going back and looking at the old photos.  It’s basically my own personal ‘time hop’ (an app).

2. Start my daily journal. It’s more like a ‘journal for life’. Basically, you just write a quick sentence of what you did each day.
Example: January 5 // 2015 – went to work then watched the Bears game // 2016 – went to the mall with Michelle // 2017 – etc …

See my instructions here on how I made it!

3. Lose my baby weight. I’ve got about 35 more pounds to go.

4. Stop wasting food. I throw away way too much food. I need to quit buying stuff and not cooking with it. Also, quit cooking food and not eating leftovers.  Don’t feel like eating that … tough!

5. Clothes shopping strike. It’s still on! No more clothes buying. It’s not necessary. If I bust my buns and lose my 35lbs, all my original clothes should fit! And even if some don’t, I have way too much anyways.

6. Be more social. I haven’t worked with all my friends in 2 years. I kind-of stink at keeping in touch. I’m afraid to call or text for no reason. I need to put my big girl pants on and ask a friend out for lunch or coffee! What’s a thing adults do right?!? 🙂

7.  Drink more water.  I need some sort of giant cup or something to keep me honest.

Pregnancy weight loss – month 1

Original weight: 115

Top pregnancy weight: 175

If you’re doing the math, I packed 60 pounds onto my 5′ frame.

My goal is to get back to 115 by March ’15. Let’s see if I can do it!

Current weight: 147

I need some support!

Well, maybe not yet. I’m not really trying to lose weight. Am I even allowed to exercise yet?

Also, I know I shouldn’t really do any dieting since I’m breast feeding. I’m just trying to not eat like a pig.

We’ll see how this goes …