Bubba @ WDW – Sister Hazel concert

The past few concerts Bubba hasn’t been very well behaved.

Thankfully, she’s a big Sister Hazel fan!


Bubba @ WDW – Osborn Lights during the DAY!

This is the last year for the Osborn Family lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I think everybody is pretty devastated.

I checked it out a few days ago at 10am, and it was awesome! Obviously the lights weren’t on, but you could see all the little Disney characters that are hidden (and not so hidden) around the display.

If you’re going to be at Disney this holiday season, make an effort to check out the lights in the morning before all the crowds roll in.

Bubba @ WDW – Hollywood Studios (and Good Dinosaur!)

I haven’t been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in forever. The last time I was there they were removing the giant hat. I think that was in January ’15?

While I did like the hat, seeing the Chinese Theater in all it’s glory is pretty cool too.

We watched the Little Mermaid show, since, rumor has it, it might not be around too much longer.

Bubba @ WDW – Styx!

I never realized how much I love Styx until Dennis DeYoung (lead singer) starting coming to the Eat to the Beat concerts at Epcot.

Apparently, Styx broke up, so he can’t use that name anymore, but he still sound amazing!