Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:  Disney’s Hollywood Studios

When:  June 2009 (or was it 2010?)

Backstory:  I got up at the crack of dawn to get a ‘ticket’ to meet Lando.

Good news = After a super long wait, I got one!

Bad news = I had to wait around until about 3pm in the afternoon to meet him.

I’m greasy and tired, but it was all totally worth it. Look how studly he is!



DIY – old t-shirt + fabric flower = not so boring old t-shirt

I went thru a purple t-shirt phase about 5 years ago. Now the t-shirts are mildly stretched out at the neck and ‘pill-y’.

Being bored last Sunday gave me the motivation to up-cycle some of my old junk.

Step 1: Find random scraps of fabric.

Step 2: Make a fabric flower (see directions here!)

Step 3: Attach!

Is it the greatest thing of all time? Not even close. But it’s more exciting than a lame old t-shirt. Maybe I’ll feel like wearing it once in a while now …

Wedding Wednesday – traditions (part 3)

And the final blog post about wedding traditions and how I pretty much agree with what Cosmo has to say.

6. The not-seeing-each-other-beforehand thing
Cosmo = Honestly, I love this tradition of not seeing my groom until I’m walking down the aisle. It’s kinda romantic, right? But I don’t like the idea of following a superstition that, if we happen to catch a glance of each other, bad luck will befall our marriage. Plus, I’m going to be nervous as sh*t pre-ceremony and I want to be able to hug my fiancé and hear him tell me how pretty I look before we swap vows.
Me = Sorry Cosmo. I don’t agree at all! I LOVE the idea of seeing Chris before the ceremony. We’re planning to take all our photos before hand, so we can actually be at the $10,000 party that we’re planning!

7. The cake smashing
Cosmo = It’s become custom for couples to get into a mini food fight after cutting their ungodly expensive wedding cake. I get it. It’s funny to see people in fancy clothing with food on their faces. Maybe I’m a bit uptight, but I’d prefer not to have chocolate ganache smeared up my nose (or on my dress) on my wedding day. Considering that most couples don’t get a chance to eat at their receptions, I’d much rather put that cake where it belongs—in my belly. And then get myself back out on that dance floor.
Me = It’s not cute when people smash cake into each other’s faces with force. But when a little frosting is blobbed on a nose, that’s kind-of cute.

However, I guess I really don’t want my make up to get all messed up. Lord knows I’ll have it caked on (no pun intended!).

What’s on my desk?

My desk is a small L. Not much room for junk. But give me a few months and I’ll junk it up.

A picture of me and my fiance.  Awwwwwwwe.  Oh, and a few Simpsons figures from when Burger King gave them away in their kids meals.








Lunch box and purse corner!








3 random clown vinylmations.  For some reason, I keep trading for clowns, so now I’m just rolling with it.  And the most important thing of all – chap stick!


I’m almost done with “skirt a day in May” for the 2nd year in a row.

It’s just what it sounds like. You wear a skirt, every day, in the month of May!

(except for weekends, I just do it for work)

This might not sounds like a big deal, just put on a darn skirt and quit your bellyaching!

But, you know what, it is kind-of a big deal. I mean, how often do we set our mind to a goal and actually accomplish it?

It’s so darn easy to give up and say, “F-this! I’m wearing jeans today!”

So while I didn’t cure any illnesses or lose 25 lbs, I actually accomplished something that I set out to do.

#go me!

The day I puked a rainbow.

If anybody every asks me, “what your most embarrassing moment” … I don’t have a quality answer. This story isn’t really embarrassing. I’m oddly proud of it.

The story begins in the summer of 2009. I’m in Disneyland. I buy a container of rainbow popcorn, which is a souvenir based on the brand new “World of Color” light show at Disney’s California Adventure.DSCN3652

It’s quite hot outside, but I pig out on popcorn none the less.

Around noon I start to feel a little dizzy. I get motion sickness all the time, so I’m used to this feeling. The odd part is, I hadn’t gone on any roller coasters or spinning rides that morning.

By 1pm I can barely function. I go into the museum-like attraction near the front of the park to lie down on an inside bench (air conditioning!)

10 minutes later a familiar feeling waves over me. I’m about to puke. I’m near the front of the park, so I assume a bathroom must be near by.

I sprint outside and frantically look around for a bathroom. I see one down an allyway!

I get off of Main Street (thankfully), but I don’t quite make it into the bathroom. I hurl ALL OVER THE GROUND …

… and it was GORGEOUS! All that rainbow popcorn came right back up. It looked like a pile of colorful diamonds on the ground (mixed in with my saliva).

As I straddled my vomit (so nobody would accidentally step on it) I thought, “should I take a photo of this? I mean, this is a sight to behold!”

I guess you should be thankful that I DIDN’T take a photo of it. Just take my word for it that colored popcorn + a hot Disney day = a pile of amazing puke.

Color Run … again?!?


The Color Run is coming back to Orlando!

Already …

Too soon?!?

I mean, I just did the Color Run in January.

I’ll probably do it again. This time I know how awesome it is. It would be amazing if I could get a huge gang of friends to do it with me.

Registration begins on 6/1!