Tacky Tourist Tuesday

I’m no fashion expert. Heck, I certainly have my share of “homeless” days, however …

Please tell me this is somebody famous.  Please!  That has to be the only explanation for the hair and the leather tiny backpack.



Tacky Tourist Tuesday

I’m no fashion expert.  Heck, I certainly have my share of “homeless” days, however …

It’s really hard to tell where the shorts end and the fanny pack begins!

MK we wear short shorts

Famous People Friday: Billy Dee Williams

Who: Billy Dee Williams

What’s he/she famous for: It’s Lando Calrisian from The Empire Strikes Back!

Where: Man, I’m not sure what year this was. Maybe 2009? I remember I had to get to Studios around 5am to get in line. This might have been the last year I got any Star Wars autographs, because it was just getting to be way too popular.


“I’ll totally wear that again!”

Do you have a closet full of clothes? I do, and I’m sure I haven’t touched any of it in a while.

Step 1 – lose my extra baby weight so my clothes in my closet actually fit me! (sigh)

Step 2 – turn all hanger the opposite direction

Step 3 – after you wear and wash something, hang it back up the ‘normal’ way. (notice I’ve already worn that pink cardigan)

Step 4 – in 6 months (or maybe 1 year), get rid of everything that hasn’t been turned around.

Don’t think, just do it!

Side note – why are we so attached to clothes? It’s weird, but I really have a hard time donating stuff. Anybody else with me?