DIY face scrub

So I got mega sunburned over the weekend at the UCF game.

My face is bright red, and I have awesome sunglass lines.

So I figured I’d DIY up some junk to slap on my burning face.

Baking soda + what ever juice was in my fridge. All I had was some random ICE water stuff …


Mix it together so it’s not too liquidy, and that’s it! If it was too liquidy, then it would just fall right off my face.

Application time! I used the back of a spoon to not glob too much on. Some of the baking soda got in my mouth. Gross!!!!

Once it’s all hard and crackly, I washed it off with water. Not sure if it helped, but it felt really darn cool on my face! And I have leftovers for later. 🙂


Favorite Photo Friday

Taken:  Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

When:  September 2013

Backstory:  Just hanging out at the Boardwalk.  Ah the joys of living super close to WDW.


Wedding Wednesday – more pointless crap

Man, having too much time on my hands is a dangerous thing.

I’ve seen a thousand ads for ‘free business cards’ from Vista Print.

So I bought some.  The minimum was about 250.  That’s about 150 MORE than I actually needed, but what are you gonna do?

I love photos, I love Facebook and I really love instagram.  If my guests love it half as much as I do, hopefully I’ll get some good photos out of this giant party.

I’m not in love with the boring design I chose, but they’ll do!


Disney Photopass Plus – Tower of Terror

One of my favorite things to do at the parks is ride Tower of Terror and take funny photos. Anytime it’s somebody’s birthday or ‘going away’ party we try to get a big gang together at Hollywood Studios and pack a Tower of Terror cart.

This time we didn’t get a full cart, but we got about 10 people.

Our game is the back 5 (starting at the left).

The middle 3 (on the left).

And the front 2 (girl in flowers and guy in white who looks like he’s giving birth).

I’m wearing the MU tank top. I’m embarrassed at my lack of imagination for this photo.

Wedding Wednesday – wedding invitation wording

Are you looking to create your own DIY wedding invitations? I know I used pintrest and ‘stolen’ ideas from the internet.

I figured I’d repay the favor and post my wedding invitation wording.

Steal away!

Since I don’t have a color palate, I used red, blue and pink for absolutely no reason!

Page 1:
(I put a different cheesy quote on the bottom of each color because I couldn’t just choose one!)
invite - page 1

Page 2:
invite - page 4 details

Page 3:
(This page is 100% unnecessary. I stumbled upon this quote when I was researching a ceremony reading. This really describes my fiance’s close group of college friends, so I just tossed it into the invitations. I got word that it made at least 1 friend cry, so I guess I’ll call adding it a success!!
invite - friendship quote

Disney Photopass Plus – Dinosaur

Dinosaur is my all time favorite ride at Disney. When I was a kid it was Splash Mountain, but as an adult who doesn’t like getting saturated at the parks, Dinosaur has taken the top spot.

During my 2 week Disney photopass plus test, we rode it twice in one day just to get a few photos.

Our ‘fake being scared’ faces are pretty pathetic.

(we’re in the middle row)

(now we’re in the back row)